Home Prices by County, Louisville Kentucky

Here’s an article that I’ve typically published in May. For reasons unknown, it was skipped this year. Who knows? Maybe I was slammed. In any event, better late than never, right? I’ll make it quick. Here are home prices by county, for those that surround Louisville, Kentucky.

Chart of home prices by county. Louisville Kentucky 2019
Here you see the average sale price of homes by county, in and around Louisville, Kentucky for 2019. (Vertical axis values have been modified from last year.)

For reference, here’s what I published last year: 2018 Best Kentucky Counties for Real Estate. Obviously, this post will include 2018 numbers. What’s interesting by charting this data, is not only do we get to see how these counties have performed since 2003 but also how they compare to one another.

Home Prices by County: Observations

If we go back far enough each of these counties has improved. But certainly, not at the same pace. First, I’ll show you how they did from 2003 to today.


Wow! Look at Shelby County! Nearly a 2/3 gain in 16 years isn’t too shabby. The other counties performed similarly with Oldham County realizing the least home appreciation during this time frame.

Then, when we only compare that past year we get.


Please keep in mind that a far greater number of homes are sold in Jefferson County than all the rest. For example, from January to May in Jefferson County 1,227 homes are sold. During the same time in Spencer County, that number is just 32. The larger the sample size, the more reliable the findings.

For this reason, I feel that the 5.72% gain in Jefferson County is quite real. It’s also higher than the 4% yearly appreciation Louisville is typically used to seeing.

The other results we should take with a grain of sand. If you’re so inclined, here were the findings for 2017.