Home Prices by County, Louisville Kentucky

Here’s an article that I’ve typically published in May. For reasons unknown, it was skipped this year. Who knows? Maybe I was slammed. In any event, better late than never, right? I’ll make it quick. Here are home prices by county, for those that surround Louisville, Kentucky.

Chart of home prices by county. Louisville Kentucky 2019
Here you see the average sale price of homes by county, in and around Louisville, Kentucky for 2019. (Vertical axis values have been modified from last year.)

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Louisville Home Values Changes for 2011, Winners and Losers

Updated: 2/3/2012. Thanks to Chris Cox who found a calculation error.

Many held high hopes for an improving real estate market heading into 2011. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but there were some signs that the housing recession was lessening and perhaps we would all see improvement in 2011. In most locations, that didn’t occur. But it did in some!

Map of Louisville with real estate price changes for 2011
This map gives us a better picture of how the real estate market was behaving by area. Outlying areas performed well in 2011 while much of the county was down.

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