Homearama 2016: Quantity & Quality

Photo of entry into Homearama 2016 section of Norton Commons by Tre Pryor
I like to arrive early to avoid the rush… but then again so did a couple hundred of other folks. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor
Photo of a framed chalkboard by Tre Pryor
Words to live by. (click to enlarge)

Homearama is like a Holiday for me, I simply love it. From the exterior architecture to the latest in interior designs… and it’s all brand new! What’s not to love?

This year’s event takes place in two locations, as a few Homearama’s have done in year’s past. River Crest is a high-end neighborhood located in Bullitt County. There are nine homes built by various builders ranging in price from $425,000 to $650,000.

Photo of a walking bridge in Norton Commons by Tre Pryor
Even walking bridges are well done in Norton Commons. (click to enlarge)

Our other location for 2016 is Norton Commons, which has been home to Homearama in year’s past. In this year’s event the location moves further back in the community, past the YMCA and Norton Commons Elementary. It’s amazing that there’s still a great deal of space left to be completed, given the development first broke ground in 2003.

This year’s event has 24 homes to tour (for some reason House #4 is not part of the event) priced from $450,000 to $1,000,000. Also of note, the entire site is on geo-thermal, not just certain homes.

Photo of three horses at Honeysuckle Stables by Tre Pryor
Honeysuckle Stables, once Mint Spring Farm, is a great reminder that this is still Kentucky. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor

I arrived early on Day One and here is what I found. Look at all these early risers!

Photo of the booths at the start of Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
There’s a good crowd here already? I was a bit surprised. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor

Homearama in Norton Commons

Photo of the Norton Commons amphitheater by Tre Pryor
The ampitheater is well situated in an open area by a beautiful lake. (click to enlarge)

Being a planned community has a great deal of pros and a few cons as well. One thing is certain, “there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place” as the saying goes.

From the lot maps to the commercial business locations, the pools, dog parks and even an amphitheater, Norton Commons has a lot going on! It is well laid out and (at least in the completed portion) manicured and spotless.

Now let’s head over to the event!

Homearama 2016 Highlights

Clearly, many attend the event to see the over-the-top features displayed in some of the homes each year in Homearama. If that’s you, then make a beeline for House #13, Hampton Pointe by Artisan Signature Homes. This 6,000 sq. ft. home boast some of the most envelope pushing interior design and architectural choices I’ve seen in years.

The home actually has a spiral staircase that begins in the second floor and goes up to the third, which is entirely dedicated to fun. Did I mention the spiral staircase has a slide? Yeah, pretty cool huh?  Check out these photos!

Photo of the exterior of House #13 at Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
House #13 stole the show in terms of being the most memorable, outrageous house in recent memory. Just wait ’til you see the inside! (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor
Photo of the great room in House #13 by Tre Pryor
The two story great room with the curved balcony and spiral staircase is just really amazing. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor
Photo of the covered porch of House #13 Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
Can you say indoor outdoor living? This home has those uber-cool accordion doors we see on HGTV all the time. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor
Photo of ceilings constellations painted with fluorescent paint by Tre Pryor
In this room on the third floor the black ceiling has constellations painted with fluorescent paint. It’s much more subtle in person. There are also embedded LED lights. Insane! (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor
Photo of the third floor playroom in House #13 Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
Talk about a fun kid’s space, this house has it all. Literally. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor

Out of the 24 homes, here are three more that more than deserve your time.

  • House No. 6 Whitman Cottage – I especially loved the custom vaults in the open-concept kitchen-to-family room space.
  • House No. 1 Portoghesi – Lots of rich features and great use of space.
  • House No. 25 Happy Hour – My favorite because of its modern theme done right.
Photo of the great room in House #6 by Tre Pryor
These vaults are simply gorgeous. (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor
Photo of the kitchen in House #25 by Tre Pryor
How incredible is this kitchen? Worth the price of admission to Homearama 2016! (click to enlarge) | Photo by Tre Pryor

Louisville Real Estate Trends at Homearama

Each year I spend time looking at what trends I find in the homes built for Homearama. Here’s what I’m seeing in 2016.

Photo of a covered porch with fireplace and concrete floors by Tre Pryor
Cozy, covered porch.
    • Concrete Patios: I didn’t see a single piece of wood decking. Every outdoor space was either concrete, concrete with brick or a brand of composite decking. Maintenance free is definitely big!
    • Painted Ceilings: Can’t say I’m a fan but designers are always looking for the next new thing and maybe this is it?
Photo of a master bedroom in Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
Fewer 1st floor masters.
    • First Floor Masters: In years past the move was clearly towards more first floor masters. It’s likely the layout constraints of Norton Common’s small lots make this more difficult as I found far more second floor masters than in year’s past.
    • Shiplap Style: It would make Jo so proud! I found a number of interesting, horizontal shiplap-styled walls in this year’s tour. Fun stuff! (see image below)
Photo of reclaimed hardwood floors in Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
Reclaimed hardwood.
    • Hardwood Floors: Carpet is all but dead. Only in some bedrooms and a few basements, otherwise flooring is solid surface, and most of the time engineered hardwood. Click the image for a large view of the reclaimed hardwood floors that were actually taken from fence posts at Claiborne Farms, Secretariat’s home located in Paris, Kentucky.
Photo of a standalone bathtub in Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
Standalone tubs.
    • Jetted & Soaking Tubs: I believe we’re starting to see a move away from luxury, jetted tubs in the Master Bath as more people are opting for larger, more luxurious showers. Homes in this Homearama still had some tubs, but most were the new, freestanding style that’s all the rage. Whether modern or classic, they really make a statement.
Photo of bedroom with shiplap style walls in Homearama 2016 by Tre Pryor
Smaller bedrooms.
    • Bedroom Sizes: It’s clear there is a move towards allocating less square footage to bedrooms, even the Master. Instead, this space is being used to make the open concept kitchen/family rooms larger. I also noted more small, dedicated office spaces or nooks that we didn’t see five years ago. It’s simply changing the priority of each kind of space.
Photo of hallway with tall ceilings and a brick treatment by Tre Pryor
Tall ceilings.
  • High Ceiling: Perhaps it’s just Norton Commons but higher first level ceilings is definitely a “thing.” It’s really a great use of your new construction dollar because it’s really not a lot more money but really adds to the feeling of space without going overboard with a two-story room.

Homearama 2016 Event Details

Dates: July 16 – 31, 2016
Hours: Weekdays: 5pm – 9:30pm, Saturdays: 10am – 9:30pm, Sundays: 1pm – 6pm


  • Regular Admission: $10/person
  • Two-Day Pass: $15/person
  • Children 12 and under are free with an adult
  • Tickets are site specific



  • Concessions are available
  • Parking is free

If you need more information, please visit the Homearama 2016 website.