Interesting Focal Points to Emphasize in Your Home

American homes have changed over the years so it may be time to upgrade and add some interesting focal points to your home’s spaces. Did you know that just under half of all new American homes have fireplaces? Although it may be the go-to feature for many sitting rooms, the fireplace may have had its time. Instead, modernize your home with some of these innovative features.

Photo of a fireplace focal point
Using a modern fireplace creates a great focal point for your main living space.

Statement Furnishings

Need storage but have no cupboard space? Invest in a large shelving unit that covers a single wall to make a practical feature.

Do you have your eye on an antique armchair but your room is monochrome modern? Purchase it and turn it into one of the more interesting focal points of your sitting room.

Perhaps yours is one of the homes which still use a fireplace. You could modernize it using energy-efficient fuel with an antique surround.

Add Art

Art can be a large painting or wall feature but it can also be an art piece such as a bust or an eye-catching collectible. What about a flowing water fountain to add a touch of nature to your hallway or living space?

You could even couple this with a tank full of colorful fish to improve the mood. Studies have shown that watching fish has a soothing effect and higher numbers of fish can actually work to improve mood. Water features can work to draw the eye as well as add to the atmosphere of your home.

Use Color

The simplest way to attract attention to a single point in a room is to add a splash of color. Cream and warm brown hues bring a soothing, cozy essence to any room but they may blend in too well. Paint your window frames in a vibrant green or add a coat of cool turquoise to your ceiling and finish off with a statement chandelier. The color green is often associated with the color of nature and is connected to feelings of tranquility and calm. Blue can also be seen as a soothing, calming color so a mixture of the two will bring about an exciting change to one particular area of your room.

Interesting focal points make life more interesting. And it doesn’t have to be just a single item. It can be an area of the room or part of the design of your home which can be emphasized. These feature additions will add something new to the aesthetic of your new home and make it feel more “you”.