How Repairing Concrete Provides More Benefits than Replacing It

Fixing damaged concrete is no easy feat. The safety of the foundations of your home or driveway is at stake. You must apply the right process to prevent further damage for these reasons. Replacing it all may tempt you. However, repairing concrete can provide you with more benefits that include fewer costs in the long run. Read on to learn more.

Photo of a new home with a long concrete driveway
The longer the driveway, the more expensive the replacement but repairs could potentially be less. | Photo by Pixabay

Heading into Spring is a great time to tackle some home DIY projects. If you stay on top of your preventative maintenance, such as sealing your concrete driveway, so maybe your doesn’t have any cracks. But if you do, this article will explain why the repair route, in most cases, is the right choice. Take a look at the benefits of repair compared to replacement.

Ways in Which Repair Beats Replacement

Of course, every situation is different. Are we talking about the foundation of your home? If so, replacing it may be literally impossible. If it’s a driveway or patio replacing it all may be a choice open to you. The following shows you why repairing concrete is most often the better choice in most applications.

1. Repairs Typically Cost Less

Repairing concrete will almost always cost less than replacing it. When you replace, you must start with an entirely new project. You must return to step one and re-do all the concrete slab installation processes. It takes more time, too, but we’ll talk about that later.

Installing the new concrete would involve more steps. Unlike when you repair, the steps are fewer. From the removal of the old concrete to installing new forms to mixing, filling, and finishing, many steps need to happen for a full replacement. That’s expensive!

If you repair, you can skip many processes and only perform the essential steps. There will also be money saved by using fewer materials.

2. You Can Improve the Strength of the Concrete

Cracks in concrete will weaken the structure over time. Depending on your level of expertise, you will likely need to call in an expert. They will assess the cause of the cracking and more than likely offer a solution.

Before choosing to replace it all, see if you can simply repair it. If you are in doubt about the degree of the damage, then you can always rely on local services specializing in concrete, like Sun Surfaces Orlando, if you live in this area.

When cracks are repaired, you are increasing the overall strength of the structure.

Here are the standard steps for repairing concrete:

  • Sealing
  • Resurfacing
  • Refinishing
  • Recoating
  • Polishing

Fixing minor cracks before they become larger is even better. Less work, fewer materials and you are enhancing strength.

3. The Process Is Quicker

Another huge benefit of repairing concrete is that it’s quicker and only requires a few steps to complete the project. Saving time is always a plus.

Repairs can be done in as little time as a day. Unlike replacement which is a much longer process. You may need to vacate the house and wait several days before your family can return to their regular activities.

4. Be Able to Maintain the Same Look

Don’t you love that the materials can still preserve their original look when you fix the damage? Maintaining that charm is very important to certain people. That is another way that repairing can benefit you.

There are times when a concrete replacement may look out of place. Not every time. But depending on the materials chosen, it may be more aesthetically pleasing to repair rather than replace.

With the right repair method done by a professional, it can appear that there were never any cracks in your concrete.

Wrapping Up

On a high note, repairs can take place in various types. It is just a matter of getting help from the right repair team to apply the best fix.  Make sure to ask your friends, family, or even your trusted Realtor for recommendations on concrete pros in your area. Odds are, repairing will be the better choice for you.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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