How to Choose the Best Exterior Colors for Your Home

Getting a new house is exciting. You will undoubtedly be eager to explore the potential of the house and get yourself comfortable. Part of this will mean choosing furniture to complement the rooms and ensuring it shows your personal style. But in this piece, we’ll be looking at the best exterior colors for your home.

Photo of a new home with lots of windows
Working with a designer will greatly increase the likelihood of a great outcome. That’s especially important when it comes to some big like your home’s exterior color.

If you’ve chosen a builder who specializes in beautiful custom-built homes or maybe you are looking at existing properties but one thing is the same. First impressions are important! In other words, it’s time to choose exterior colors and let your home shine. 

Naturally, there are hundreds of potential colors to choose from. This can make it challenging to find the right ones. Understanding the psychological effects of color will help you in the long run. Read on to learn these four tips to help you select the best exterior colors for your home.

1. Choose Three Colors

When you think about painting the exterior of a house most people consider only the main color. However, designers understand the value of using three complementary colors to add more visual interest. The main color is for the walls and the other two will be used on the trim and other features.

What most designers do to boost curb appeal is focus on the front door. It is a prime candidate for the use of a secondary color. If the home has shutters, these might be painted the same as the front door. To finish, the third color is likely to be used on any trim places. When homes have stone or brick on their exterior that adds even more visual interest.  

2. Use a Graphic Program

Our second tip is to use a graphic program. This will allow you to create a digital image of your home. The program will allow you to draw an image of your home and add color to the walls, doors, windows, and shutters. 

This is an excellent way of seeing how your color choices fit together. Best of all, it is easy to change them and try a variety of options. Once you’ve finished experimenting with different color combinations, you’ll feel good about going forward with the three colors that you love the most in your home.  

3. Look at the Specifics

However, before you rush out to get paint or instruct a professional painter, you should be aware of two things:

The Code

You should check with your local municipality to see if there are codes that limit the color choices you’ll be allowed to use. It may be a Homeowners Association (HoA) or perhaps the city or county regulations. It’s vital to know the rules before any painting starts.

Your Neighbors

It is also worth taking the time to look at the other houses in your neighborhood. While it may be permissible to use any color paint, you need to consider how your choice will fit in with the existing color schemes.

At the least, you probably don’t want to paint your home the exact same color as one of your next-door neighbors. If your color scheme is quite bold, it might be a good idea to share your plans with your neighbors to see what they think.

4. Test Samples

This should be done in all cases but it’s particularly important if you’re purchasing custom-made colors. Have a small sample of each made. This will allow you to verify the color and that you will be happy with the way your home looks when painted.

Then, all you need to do is find the right painting contractor. Happy color hunting!

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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