How to Keep Your Basement Pest Free

The basement is an area of the home where we typically do not spend much time. For most people, the basement simply serves as the storage area in the home. As a result of this, it is a part of the house that is often overlooked when it comes to pest prevention. This article highlights reasons why critters and bugs enjoy staying in the basement, as well as useful tips to keep keep your basement pest free.

Photo of a basement bedroom
Basement bedrooms are great but only if they are pest free.

Why Critters Enjoy Living in Basements

The basement of a home is the perfect hiding spot for insects, bugs, and rodents for a couple of reasons. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

  • Moisture: Most insects enjoy staying in areas with moisture, as the dampness keeps them comfortable. Basements are known to be moist, thereby making them a great spot for insects to hide in. Using a dehumidifier and fixing faulty pipes will solve the problem of moisture.
  • Darkness: In addition to being moist, basements are usually dark due to their location in the home. This makes them a suitable environment for critters to hide in.  The lack of light makes it less likely for them to be detected. Regular lighting will help with the problem of dark spots in your basement.
  • Temperature: The temperature in a basement makes it one of the most suitable areas in the home for pests. Due to its location, basements are cooler than other parts of the home during the warm months. In the same vein, it is usually warmer than the atmosphere outdoors during winter. This makes it a conducive environment for insects to inhabit. Learn more here about critters and temperature.

Common Insects Found in Basements And How To Deal With Them

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just learned about a problem, you want to make the right decisions. There are certain insects that can be commonly found in the basement of homes. It is important to identify these insects in order to know how to deal with them.

  • Rodents: Many homeowners will have to deal with rodents (rats and mice) at one point or the other. They are notorious for getting into the home through a lot of entry points, one of which is cracks in basements. Rodents can be quite dangerous as they carry a parasite that causes illnesses. They also contaminate food and destroy clothes and other household items like electrical wiring. To keep rodents out of your basement, make sure to take out your trash and clean your dumpsters regularly. Seal holes and cracks in any area of the home with caulk. Also, ensure to keep your basement clean.
  • Spiders: Spiders enjoy building webs in dark and damp areas of the home, and basements provide them with the perfect location. Spiders feed on other insects, so it is important to keep your basement insect-free. Also, cover gaps in your windows and doors. Be sure to seal any cracks outside the home as well.
  • Bees and Wasps: Bees and wasps alike enjoy privacy, which is why they enjoy hiding in basements. Install lighting in your basement, as this usually makes bees and wasps uncomfortable.


We hope this article has given you some helpful information. If you want to keep your basement pest free, it’s always smart to be proactive rather than reactive.