How to Turn Garages and Sheds into Home Offices

Since 2015, most homes are getting smaller and smaller. This is why we are constantly on the hunt for nifty ways to expand our small living spaces. For example, more and more homeowners these days are turning their garages and sheds into home offices. Thanks to their home offices, they can attend to their job- or business-related tasks without leaving their homes.

Photo of a home office
Having a home office is becoming essential to more and more people across the globe.

You can turn everything from your basement to your attic into a home office. You can also convert a corner or a massive walk-in closet in your bedroom into your workspace. Despite the name, a home office does not have to be exclusive for making money. It can also serve as your personal space to get away from it all.

Do you have a garage or shed that mostly serves as storage space for items, many of which are useless? Then there is a space that you can convert into your home office. With careful planning, garages, and sheds can be made into perfect areas for productivity. Check out the following tips on how to do that.

Protect from the Elements

It’s important to feel safe and protected while you are in your home office. So make sure that your garages and best sheds have enough insulation in the form of dry-walling and carpeting.

This is beneficial not only for you but for your various work essentials as well. After installing the necessary infrastructure, it’s easier and safer to move into your workplace.

Photo of a home office in a garage
Your home office can be almost anywhere. Just make sure you have enough light! | Photo by Junior Teixeira

Let There Be Light and Air

Bringing natural light into your workspace is essential. This helps prevent eye strain. It also helps reduce the use of artificial lighting, thus cutting your monthly electric bill.

Installing more windows allows for better lighting and ventilation. The use of glass doors and sliding glass panels can add a touch of modern or contemporary style at the same time.

Don’t Forget About Connectivity

No home office would be complete without important electronic devices. They include those that enable you to connect to the world through the internet. For this reason, you should ensure that you have enough wall outlets for your computer, printer, fax machine, desk lamp, and others. There should also be plugs for your phone and modem.

Choose the Right Style

You might not think that garages and sheds could have any style. But, that’s not true. You just need some design inspiration to make it happen. You will find it enticing to use your home office more if it looks nice.

For better productivity, consider styling and decorating it in a way that suits your preferences and tastes. It’s a good idea to go for a look that allows you to feel that you are at home and at the same time encourages you to do a lot. With planning, you can obtain the right balance.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Small garages and sheds can provide more room for various home office furnishings and equipment by using available vertical space. You can do this with the use of standalone or wall-mounted shelves. Installing corkboards, whiteboards, and pegboards is a great idea, too. Maximizing vertical space also helps fend off workspace clutter.

It’s possible to use basements, attics, guestrooms, garages and sheds as home offices. No matter which space in your home you would like to convert into your private workspace, you can turn it into your home office with careful planning and a little ingenuity. You don’t need to go out and find the best sheds when you can make one out of what you already have.