Jefferson County Homes Sold Ties Previous Year

Well that doesn’t happen very often. For the month of August 2014, there were 1,047 properties sold. Fast forward one year and 1,047 were sold in August again. Can you say deja vu?

Jefferson County Homes Sold Comparison through June 2015
And they come to the wire and it’s a photo finish! Jefferson County home sales are a dead heat with 2014.

Check out all the data going back to 2005.

Jefferson County Homes Sold during August

2005    1,170
2006    1,153
2007    1,060
2008      787
2009      803
2010      617
2011      766
2012    1,029
2013    1,128
2014    1,047
2015    1,047

Comparing Jefferson County homes sold from January through August, we see that 2015 is 13.4% ahead of where we were last year. Thus far, 7,666 houses have exchanged hands. This compared to 6,760 for 2014.

It’ll be interesting to see how September turns out given that August was the first month this year where we didn’t surpass the total properties sold for the previous year.

Perhaps the heat during August was a factor in keeping home buyers indoors. More likely is the fact that active listings are still far below a balanced market.

Buyers are out search but there aren’t enough properties available for them to choose from. This isn’t likely to change soon.