Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2015

For years now, the kitchen has been considered the most important room in the American home. Louisvillians agree!

If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling ideas for your next project, I’ve collected some of the best examples I’ve seen here in Louisville. Enjoy!

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: #1 Complimentary Cabinet Colors

Photo of kitchen remodeling ideas #1 with complimentary cabinet colors
Using different colored cabinets in your kitchen can make a powerful statement as long as they complement one another.

What used to be considered “too risky” is now becoming more and more popular here in Louisville. When homeowners are looking to make a statement with their kitchen remodel, many are going with complimentary cabinet colors.

Whether you use one color for the lowers and another for the uppers or highlight an island with a bold hue, Louisville is starting to branch out from our drab days of simply all oak cabinets with those all-too-familiar, boring pulls.

If you’re going it alone on your selections, make sure to bounce your color choices off a professional. It’s not worth the risk if the outcome makes the home difficult to sell with clashing cabinet colors.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: #2 Extending the Kitchen

Photo of kitchen remodeling ideas #2 with extending the kitchen cabinets
Whether you need more storage or not, extending the same kitchen cabinets into an eat-in space, butler’s pantry, or even a formal dining room ups the style ante.

Extending the kitchen cabinets creates a larger feeling kitchen and one with more punch. To say nothing of the additional storage it affords. Just be careful to allow enough space for movement around tables or buffets.

This is a case where you want the same style and color of cabinets to make the entire space feel like one continuous unit.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: #3 Larger, Richer Backsplashes

Photo of kitchen remodeling ideas #3 with Larger, Richer Backsplashes
If space allows, consider increasing the size of your backsplash up a portion of a wall to make a bolder statement.

If a little is good, then more is better, right? Not always. But, a new kitchen remodeling trend that I’m finally seeing in Louisville is larger areas covered with backsplash. What was once only on HGTV, I’m now seeing in Lake Forest, the Highlands, and all over our city.

Take advantage of a partially blank wall by making a portrait frame around the window above your sink or behind an oven hood. Everybody’s doing it!

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: #4 Bold Lighting Choices

Photo of kitchen remodeling ideas #4 with Bold Lighting Choices
We have so many bold lighting choices these days, it’s a great opportunity to let your style shine.

Lighting fixtures are not nearly the costly pieces they once were, especially compared to the price of custom cabinets. So allow in your budget some room to splurge a little with some fun lighting.

Today’s big box stores have a wider selection but for even more, go online for choices galore! It’s a surefire way to add more light and style to any kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: #5 Monochrome For Ultra Bright Look

Photo of kitchen remodeling ideas #5 with Monochrome For Ultra Bright Look
We all like “bright and airy” don’t we? What’s brighter than an all-white kitchen with Carrara marble?

The all-white kitchen is making a comeback after years of the dark wood tones holding serve. Especially important in tighter spaces as the lighter color makes spaces feel larger, and who doesn’t like that?

Go with stainless steel appliances helps with some tonal excitement with shiny, metallic flair. This also gives you a better opportunity to bring in pops of color because everything goes with white.

Here are some more unique kitchen decorating ideas, Check them out!

Remodeling Your Louisville Kitchen

Please keep in mind that there are no exact numbers on what kind of return on investment any kitchen remodel might bring. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducts surveys from real estate professionals, which is a great start.

For a more accurate answer, consult with your Louisville real estate expert or if you don’t have one, give me a call. Always happy to help!