Louisville #21 on America’s Best Bike Cities

Another cool award for our city that I recently came across was this mention from Bicycling Magazine where Louisville was ranked #21 on America’s Best Bike Cities list for 2010. Here’s their Top 25.

America's Best Bike Cities

1 Minneapolis, MN
2 Portland, OR
3 Boulder, CO
4 Seattle, WA
5 Eugene, OR
6 San Francisco, CA
7 Madison, WI
8 New York City
9 Tucson, AZ
10 Chicago, IL
11 Austin, TX
12 Denver, CO
13 Washington, DC
14 Ann Arbor, MI
15 Phoenix/Tempe, AZ
16 Gainesville, FL
17 Albuquerque, NM
18 Colorado Springs, CO
19 Salem, OR
20 Scottsdale, AZ
21 Louisville, KY
22 Chattanooga, TN
23 Long Beach, CA
24 Cary, NC
25 Milwaukee, WI

Lexington made the list as well at #41.

It just goes to show that there is more to Louisville than horse racing, bourbon and basketball! Well, there is!