Louisville 9th Least Expensive Cities Says Kiplinger

Kiplinger and Forbes have been singing our city’s praises lately. Recently Forbes ranked Louisville 37th in Nation for Housing Recovery. Then Kiplinger named Louisville the regional winner for home price stability. Then, to top it off, Forbes claims Louisville real estate is the 4th most affordable in the nation.

Photo of Louisville, Most Affordable Cities
Louisville, KY keeps raking up national real estate accolades.

Wow! Might be time to buy are larger trophy case?

Today we look at a recent article by Kiplinger where they rank the Least and Most Expensive Cities For Living in the U.S.A. It’s interesting to compare the two lists. Kiplinger’s list appears to focus on all U.S. cities regardless of size; whereas, Forbes’ list contains cities only the approximately 75 cities with the largest populations.

But did you notice something? Louisville, KY is the only city to appear in both lists! Are our city officials boasting enough about our great city?

Here’s the list from Kiplinger’s article:

  1. Fort Smith, Ark.
  2. Pueblo, Colo.
  3. Harlingen, Tex.
  4. McAllen, Tex.
  5. Johnson City, Tenn.
  6. Conway, Ark.
  7. Springfield, Ill.
  8. Covington, Ky.
  9. Louisville, Ky.
  10. Omaha, Neb.