Louisville Bridges Financial Plan Gets Federal Thumbs Up

Graphic of the Ohio River Bridge Project
The Ohio River Bridges project has been long overdue.

The federal government has now approved the financing plan for two bridges between Kentucky and Indiana, around Metro Louisville. Now the Kentucky General Assembly needs to approve the plan. With financial problems greeting the new Beshear administration, it’s sure to be a difficult undertaking.

Louisville Mayor, Jerry Abramson, has labeled this project his “top priority.”

Under the plan, a bridge between eastern Jefferson County and Utica, Ind., would be open by 2014; a downtown bridge by 2020; and a new interchange east of downtown by 2024.

Both Kentucky and Indiana are utilizing a pay-as-you-go method to finance the project, with Indiana using some leased road revenues and Kentucky looking to partially use a portion of the gasoline tax.

Having both bridges in place, as well as, a more efficient Spaghetti Junction, would have a very positive effect on the living and travel throughout Greater Louisville and will make our city more attractive to new commercial and residential entrants.