Louisville KY Foreclosures Map Updated through August

It’s been quite some time since everyone was up in arms about how many foreclosures there were and how they were affecting all Louisville real estate transactions. But it hasn’t really been that long ago, maybe 3 years?

Louisville KY foreclosures map for August 2014
The picture just keeps getting better as foreclosures in Louisville continue to decline.

The good news is that they are on the decline as our Louisville KY foreclosures map shows us.

The CoreLogic data that came out today for the month of August shows the foreclosure rate to be 1.35%, compared to 1.9% one year ago. A far cry from the 4%-5% numbers we had several years back.

The 90+ Day Delinquency Rate for this past August was 4.11%, compared to 4.9% during August 2013.

Thoughts are still focused on all that the Fed might do with interest rates but for the time being, they are remaining at historically low levels. Most of the foreclosure activity is taking place on the West side of Louisville with the exception of 40219 where levels are also higher.

Foreclosure activity in Jefferson County was lower than the national foreclosure rate, which was 1.61% percent for the same month, August 2014.

Location90+ Day Delinquency Rate August 201490+ Day Delinquency Rate August 2013Percentage Point Change in 90+ Day Delinquency RateForeclosure Rate August 2014Foreclosure Rate August 2013Percentage Point Change in Foreclosure Rate
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY4.11%4.90%-0.79%1.35%1.90%-0.55%

Looking at all the rates, we see declining figures which means more responsible activities by homeowners. Of course, everything is cyclical so look for lenders to start offering more “risky” loans to entice great activity.

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The source of this data is CoreLogic, a national data analytics company.