Louisville Home Improvement Costs vs. Values for 2010

For the past three years we’ve published the Remodeling Cost vs. Value data for Louisville remodeling projects. For reference, I’ll link them up for you here.

Photo of an Updated Kitchen in Louisville KY
Performing a major kitchen remodel in Louisville KY with midrange quality items brings a 72.6% return on investment. Using upscale items just a 60.5% return. | Photo: Tre Pryor
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Looking at this year compared to last, it appears that values are down across the board. That’s the bad news. The good news is that home improvement projects cost less in Louisville when compared to national averages and they return a great value to the home value. That’s pretty healthy!

Costs Recouped for Additions

Attic Bedroom Addition (midrange)72.2%77.8%
Backup Power Generator (midrange)48.5%55.4%
Bathroom Addition (midrange)53.3%58.4%
Bathroom Addition (upscale)53.0%58.2%
Deck Addition – Wood (midrange)72.8%74.6%
Deck Addition – Composite (midrange)66.2%67.8%
Deck Addition – Composite (upscale)57.7%58.5%
Family Room Addition (midrange)62.5%66.0%
Garage Addition (midrange)59.2%64.1%
Garage Addition (upscale)53.6%58.8%
Master Suite Addition (midrange)63.0%68.8%
Master Suite Addition (upscale)52.7%57.3%
Sunroom Addition (midrange)48.6%55.4%
Two Story Addition (midrange)65.0%72.2%
Source: Data provided by www.Realtor.org/realtormag

Louisville home additions follow National averages to a degree but at a higher rate of recouping costs.

So looking strictly at the biggest bang for your buck, adding a new wood deck to your Louisville home will return 74.6% of the costs towards resale value.

Costs Recouped for Remodels

Basement Remodel (midrange)70.0%76.1%
Bathroom Remodel (midrange)64.1%68.9%
Bathroom Remodel (upscale)57.2%64.0%
Home Office Remodel (midrange)45.8%51.3%
Major Kitchen Remodel (midrange)68.7%72.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel (upscale)59.7%60.5%
Minor Kitchen Remodel (midrange)72.8%77.1%
Source: Data provided by www.Realtor.org/realtormag

Louisville again beats National averages when it comes to contributing home remodel costs towards increased home value.

For most items, a minor remodel receives a greater return on investment. This is also true when looking at the amount of money being spent; midrange quality remodels return a higher percentage than upscale. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on selling your Louisville home in the near future.

Here the big winner for Louisville is the midrange basement remodel.

Costs Recouped for Replacements

Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass)60.0%70.1%
Entry Door Replacement (steel)102.1%99.9%
Grand Entrance Replacement (upscale)64.7%72.5%
Garage Door Replacement (midrange)83.9%92.2%
Garage Door Replacement (upscale)69.8%73.6%
Roofing Replacement (midrange)59.5%62.1%
Roofing Replacement (upscale)55.5%58.0%
Siding Replacement – Vinyl (midrange)72.4%85.0%
Siding Replacement – Foam-backed Vinyl (upscale)72.4%85.9%
Siding Replacement – Fiber-cement (upscale)80.0%88.1%
Window Replacement – Wood (midrange)72.4%80.0%
Window Replacement – Vinyl (midrange)71.6%78.4%
Window Replacement – Wood (upscale)67.5%72.5%
Window Replacement – Vinyl (upscale)72.6%85.2%
Source: Data provided by www.Realtor.org/realtormag

Homeowners in Louisville, KY get a bigger return on their home improvement projects for replacements than the National average.

You can’t go wrong with replacing the front door on your Louisville home with a brand new, steel entry door.