Louisville Home Sales in February Still Strong

Now, it wasn’t record-breaking but February was still a strong month for home sales in Louisville, Kentucky. Especially considering just how low the housing inventory is right now.

Louisville Home Sales Chart for Jefferson County 6 years through February 2017
We just had a great month of home sales in Louisville but compared to last year, we just came up short.

According to the database maintained by GLAR, there were 761 homes sold in Jefferson County during February 2017. Looking back through the years, this is the highest number on… oh, wait, just a second, no scratch that, it was the second highest total on record. 2016 takes that prize because of course it does.

Compared to sales last year, we’re down 5.2% but that’s not so bad all things considered. Given that our absorption rate is just 2 months of inventory (terribly low) I’m surprised home sales are this strong.

Looks like demand for real estate is very strong and while that continues, Louisville home sales will continue to be quite high.