Louisville Housing: Good News vs. Bad News

There seems to be a never-ending flow of negative news coming from news outlets these days; especially regarding the housing market. True, it’s a tough time for sellers given all the inventory out there. But the “silver lining” is that home values continue to rise in Louisville. That’s certainly good news.

Photo of a reporter in front of a police car
Media outlets spend a large majority of their time covering negative news items, while positive news often goes largely unnoticed.

Like every market, corrections occur to make recent increases more realistic and reasonable. So, just because a house has dropped its asking price by $30,000 doesn’t mean the sky is falling. It could mean they were asking too much to begin with. (I love how writers strive to find a way to put a negative spin on everything. Actually, I don’t.)

Even more good news, that we hear so little about, is that home buyers can get amazing deals. Where is all the chatter about this golden opportunity? Isn’t this something we could focus even a little attention on?

If there’s one thing we can set our watches by, it’s that the news is 80% negative (crimes, disasters, etc.) and only 20% positive. In the case of our housing market, I would set those closer to 50%/50%.