Louisville Housing Market 7 Year Report, Period End August 2011

Louisville Home Sales: 7 Year Monthly Chart for period ending August 2011
August was a good month for both Jefferson and Oldham counties as sales beat both the previous two years.

“Well surprise, surpise!” -Gomer Pyle

If I’m dating myself with that quote, please forgive me. (Or, if you find my taste in sitcom uncivilized, I completely agree.)

September numbers will be complete shortly, but I’d be remiss to not post about the success that Louisville real estate had during the month of August. In Jefferson County, 782 homes were sold this August. That’s the better than the past three years! Some of that was due to the poor performance of the other summer months but we should be grateful for any small victory.

Over in Oldham County, 79 properties were sold, which beat August 2010 (57) and August 2009 (73). The competitive part of me want to see further improvement but that may not happen due to nagging concerns about the economy.

Interest rates continue to drop and actually reached record lows so you please consult with your loan specialist about whether you should refinance. Refer to the Mortgage Rates chart at the bottom right hand of the LouisvilleHomesBlog.com page for national average rates updated every hour.