Louisville Interior Design Trends for 2014

2014 is finally here. It’s time to discard the old and bring in the new! Last year the housing market recovery had many homeowners renovating. Those interior design trends ranged from wooded decors for kitchen cabinets and deep, double sinks to tiles with a natural look and multi-functional furniture.

Photo of classy yellow dining room leading an interior design trend with colors that pop
A strong use of color will always be essential for our Louisville interior design trends. Here we see a yellow dining room that really pops!

What will this year hold?

Going into the next year, a lot of us Louisville homeowners will be thinking about making a couple of changes here and there. I’m here to give you my take on what you can expect in 2014. Here are some interior design trends that are on the top of my charts:

1. Make it pop

It’s all about color this year. Hoping for a bright and shiny year, what will be trending will be some bright and shiny colors. A lot of yellow, turquoise blue and shades of red are what you want in your interiors. They’re happy, energizing colors that bring out the best in your house, and you. Whether it’s the wall color you choose or the fabric, it needs to pop.

2. Vintage patterns

Photo of of bedroom with vintage patterns
A great example of vintage patterns returning in today’s Louisville bedrooms.

2013 was all about eccentric, modern patterns. Floral patterns that will give your rooms a certain vintage appeal is what you’re looking at for the New Year. Get out those dusty, old-timey photo albums from when your grandma was a young girl and imitate them because it’s time for a revival. Less geometric is the way to go for the true vintage feel.

3. It’s all about class

It’s time to stop being modernist just get back to basics. The sheen of modernism gives way to the class of the rustic. It’s time for more wood and less metal. We’re looking at earthy furniture, wooden flooring, and rustic accessories to downplay your rooms and give them a classy, earthy, homey feel.

4. Give some personal space

One of the trends that Louisville homeowners are already embracing is personal space within the house for members of the family. Whether it’s a ‘man cave’ for the head of the house or a playroom for the kids, the house should boast special features catering to your loved ones.

5. Naturally yours

Photo of room using powerful reds
Use bold colors sparingly but when you do, they make a powerful statement.

Natural fabrics are here to stay. Roughly woven, a simplistic fabric that looks earthen and rustic is what’ll match the style of your trendy room. Simplicity and not glamour is the key word here. No silks and velvets in 2014. Whether it’s your rug or your cushions, it has to look rustic.

6. Minimalism is here to stay

In 2014, less is more. Your rooms will need to look more spacy and airy. I’m talking about less clutter and more substance. It will give your rooms a more relaxed appeal. There should be no flash in terms of your interior décor. Everything must look in place and sophisticated. No indulgence, please. Remember, less is always more.

7. Don’t forget the time!

Think big. Really big. If you’ve got a big wall between a dual staircase that needs to be utilized there’s no better way to make good use of it than to put up a clock complete with Roman numerals set into the high ceiling. Clocks will be used more to make a decorative statement on your wall.

8. A room of your own

Photo of room using turquoise to make a statement
More examples of paired colors with these shades of turquoise, purple and brown, when done well will always be a good interior design trend.

It’s time to give up the impersonal and embrace some character. Your rooms should speak of your personality and nature. Give your rooms a breath of life by adding some personal touches. I’m talking about memorabilia and personal decorations. Your rooms should tell a story. The story of your life. Some of the upcoming houses in Louisville have special features for each member of the family including a home theater and playroom for kids and a craft for mommy.

9. Bathrooms go more resort!

According to a survey, next to a kitchen renovation more homeowners want to update their bathrooms. Trends are moving to large walk-in showers, multiple shower heads, jetted bathtubs, and heated floors. Colors remain neutral.

10. Go professional

If there’s one thing you can carry over from the previous year it’s a lesson in hiring a professional. If you don’t want to go all professional there are options like hiring Champion Window and Doors for a consult. Decorating on a dime is fun but there are times when you’d rather pay a little extra to get the professional touch.

Trends keep changing time and again. But these interior design trends are here to stay. Well, at least for the year that’s ahead anyway. Louisville, it’s time to update and reconnect. Let the good times roll!