Louisville Home Decor: Choosing Furniture for your Home

Furniture has a large impact on how your home will look and more importantly, feel. You could curate a living room full of iconic pieces that make a grand statement about your excellent taste and enormous wealth, but if the room does not feel comfortable to sit in, then it is all for nothing! Read on to learn more about Louisville home decor and how you can enhance your living space.

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Choosing the best Louisville home décor starts with making good furniture choices that compliment your style.

Louisville Home Decor: Take Flow into Consideration

The flow of the house and the continuation of the place’s theme is dependent on many things, but the furniture will have a large impact on it, alongside the colors that you paint the walls, and the choices you make with flooring as well as decoration. In fact, given that the furniture is the main thing that you interact with, it is pretty essential that you make the right decisions, as otherwise, you are at serious risk of undoing any hard work that you did with the rest of the design of the house.

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Not every in Louisville loves the same style. Find something that speaks to you and run with it!

If you have a few pieces of furniture that you are bringing from your old place, then you can either view it as a good way to base your further design decisions, or you can sell it all and start from scratch. This decision depends largely on the new space. Does your old stuff fit the new house?

If yes, then perfect, why waste money on new things when you know and love this furniture? If it is less than perfect for the space or doesn’t sit right then do not beat yourself up about holding on to it, as the decision has been made for you by the new property!

Louisville Home Decor: How Do You Want It to Feel

Have a serious think about how you want the house to feel.

You can get away with all sorts of things in the right context, and there are people who have put 70’s armchairs next to victorian coffee tables and made it look great with the right combination of the wall color, floor surface, and styling overall, but it is not easy.

You need to work out what it is that you want to say with the furniture as part of your Louisville home decor, whilst also making it feel comfortable. Unless you are particularly fanatical about a certain era, it is essential that you avoid going too far down a certain route, as being confined by a genre or style can be distracting and oppressive.

Some people love mid-century Scandinavian furniture, but if your house looks like a museum to the stuff, then it might feel a bit much. Try to see where certain eras overlap in terms of color, design or material, and use those singular similarities to match them.

You may well put a leather chesterfield armchair next to a deep blue Ikea rug, and it works perfectly because the hues feel in sync with each other. However, it could look terrible, depending on the material that the rug is made out of, and the color of the room overall!

These are decisions that you are going to have to make yourself, unfortunately, as everyone’s taste, house, and financial situation is different.

Louisville Home Decor: Who Will Be Using Space?

You should always keep your family in the loop when designing the spaces that they will inhabit with you, and be sure to keep in mind the practical nature of these areas; there is little point in having thousands of pounds worth of furniture and art in a room where the kids are going to be jumping around and making a mess!

As long as you always keep in mind what it would be like to sit in that room with your family and friends, then you should be in a good place with ensuring that your furniture looks as well as feel great.

Author: Ella Andrews is a blogger, professional writer, and keen home decorating enthusiast. She is very passionate about interior design, home organizing, and all sorts of DIY projects, also equally likes to share the experience with all of her readers. Find more of her tips at Chiswick cleaning services