Louisville New Construction in 2017: Neighborhoods and More!

For some people, there’s confusion when it comes to Louisville’s new construction. And… it centers on whether or not they should have a Realtor or not. The short answer is a resounding YES!

Photo of Louisville new construction home.
Could this be your Louisville new construction dream home?

The long answer will help you understand why. See, there’s a pervasive lie that lurks about, hoping to snare a less-than-educated consumer. Tell me if you’ve heard this before: “You can save money if you don’t have a Realtor when you build new construction.”

On the surface, you might think this could possibly be true. I mean, all builders are honest and reputable, right? None of them would ever take advantage of someone, right?

Is it possible to get a better price without a Realtor?

The truth is that there is only one possible way that you could save money. Here’s the formula:

  1. Take your Realtor to the builder with you,
  2. pick out your favorite lot,
  3. select the house plan that best fits your situation,
  4. make any floor-plan changes,
  5. make your finish selections (and don’t change anything after),
  6. get the bottom line price for the home then leave to “think about it”,
  7. return the next day without your Realtor and tell the builder to take the Realtor’s commission out of the price and start building the home.

First, no reputable builder would go along with this deception. Builders want to have a strong, positive reputation in their market.

Second, builders don’t want any of their homes to show lower published prices. This hurts future pricing.

Without this trickery described above, a buyer without a Realtor has no way to know that the price the builder gives you is actually better than what it would be if you keep your Realtor. The builder could simply be keeping that commission.

The bottom line is all real estate clients benefit from professional representation. Single-family homes or condos; urban, suburban or rural; existing or new construction, the Realtor is a strong ally to buyers when it comes to a successful home purchase.

Benefits of having a Realtor when buying Louisville’s new construction

Here’s a partial list of benefits. I’m sure there are others.

  • Realtors understand the pros and cons of new construction compared to buying an existing home.
  • Realtors know which areas are rising and which are falling.
  • Realtors know the best time to buy.
  • Realtors understand that buyers never pay commissions.
  • Realtors understand the legal issues with new construction.
  • Realtors know which builders are great, average, or “not on your life!”
  • Realtors with great experience know how to get the best deals.
  • Realtors understand how the financing of a lot separate from the home might be advantageous.
  • Realtors understand the piles of paperwork because they use it every day.
  • Realtors will help the builder do a better job for their client. (This is the big one!)

Because Realtors often recommend certain builders over others, the builder will want to do a great job for the buyer who has a Realtor so that in the future, that Realtor will remember it and recommend this builder again!

Louisville new construction options in 2017

Map of Louisville new construction in 2017
There are even more new construction options than this! Just ask your Realtor to perform a search that best matches your desired home.

Now let’s look at some of the great Louisville new construction neighborhoods that are building right now! These are the largest ones, mostly in Jefferson County.

Ballard Glen: Single Family Homes. Low $300k’s up to mid $400k’s.

Brookfield: Single Family Homes, Low $200k’s up to low $300k’s.

Catalpa Farms: Single Family Homes, High $300k’s up to mid $600k’s.

Cooper Farms: Single Family Homes, Low $200k’s up to low $300k’s.

Flat Rock Ridge: Single Family Homes. High $100k’s up to high $200k’s.

Fox Run: Single Family Homes. High $300k’s up to $500k’s.

Glen Lakes: Single Family Homes, Mid $300k’s up to high $400k’s.

Lake Forest Legacy: Condos. Low $400k’s up to high $400k’s.

Little Spring Farm: Single Family Homes, Low $300k’s up to high $400k’s.

Locust Creek: Single Family Homes. Low $400k’s up to high $500k’s.

Norton Commons: Single Family Homes & Condos. Low $300k’s to more than $1m.

Notting Hill: Single Family Homes & Condos. Low $300k’s up to high $500k’s.

Persimmon Ridge: Single Family Homes. High $300k’s up to low $500k’s.

Poplar Lakes: Single Family Homes. Low $300k’s up to high $300k’s.

Poplar Woods: Single Family Homes. Low $700k’s up to $1m.

Primrose Meadows: Single Family Homes, Low $200k’s up to low $300k’s.

Rivers Landing: Single Family Homes, Low $300k’s up to high $400k’s.

Rock Springs: Single Family Homes. Mid $400k’s up to high $500k’s.

Saratoga Springs: Single Family Homes. High $300k’s up to high $400k’s.

Shakes Run: Single Family Homes, High $300k’s up to mid $600k’s.

Signature Point: Single Family Homes & Condos. Low $300k’s up to high $400k’s.

Spring Meadow: Single Family Homes. High $100k’s up to mid $200k’s.

Stone Meadows: Single Family Homes. High $100k’s up to high $200k’s.

Summit Gardens: Single Family Homes. Mid $300k’s up to high $400k’s.

The George (previously Seminary Woods): Condos. $300k’s to more than $4m for the penthouse.

Valhalla Vista: Condos. Low $300k’s up to to mid $300k’s.

Yacht Club Estates: Single Family Homes. Low $200k’s up to high $200k’s.

Coming Soon

Fincastle Farms: Single Family Homes. High-End Luxury Homes.

Sutherland Pointe: Single Family Homes. Rumors have it homes may be in the $500k’s.

There are a great number of other Louisville new construction options, either in neighborhoods that are quite small or almost fully sold out. There are also a large number of options in neighboring counties. Here are new construction active listings by county:

If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me. I’ve love to help you find your dream new construction home in Louisville!

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