7 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Transforming a small bathroom into a seemingly more spacious area can be a creative and rewarding endeavor. It’s all about making the most of the available space, using smart design choices, and incorporating elements that give an illusion of openness. This article will guide you through various effective strategies to make a small bathroom feel larger and turn it into a functional and visually appealing space. 

Photo of a small but nicely updated bathroom - 7 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger
Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome. | Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe

Whether you’re planning a luxurious bathroom remodel or simply want to spruce things up, these strategies can help you. From color schemes to clever storage solutions, these tips are designed to maximize your bathroom’s potential, regardless of its size.

1. Use Light and Reflective Surfaces

Light plays a crucial role in making a small space feel more open. Opt for light and neutral colors for walls, floors, and fixtures to reflect more light throughout the room. Pale tones like whites, creams, and pastels can make a small bathroom feel larger and more inviting.

Incorporating reflective surfaces is another trick to create an illusion of space. Mirrors, especially large ones, can double the visual space in a bathroom. Consider a full-length mirror or an oversized mirror above the sink. High-gloss finishes on cabinets and countertops can also contribute to this effect, bouncing light around the room and enhancing the spacious feel.

2. Opt for a Shower Over a Tub

One of the most effective ways to save space in a small bathroom is to choose a shower instead of a bathtub. Showers are not only more compact but also offer a modern and sleek look. When considering this change, it’s essential to consult a reputable shower installation company to ensure that the transition is smooth and the space is optimized. These professionals can help design a shower that fits perfectly into your bathroom’s layout, providing both functionality and style.

The choice of shower doors can also impact the perception of space. Clear glass doors are excellent for creating an uninterrupted visual flow, making the bathroom appear larger. Alternatively, consider a walk-in shower with a simple glass partition, which requires less space than traditional shower stalls.

3. Smart Storage Solutions

Clutter is the enemy of space. In a small bathroom, it’s vital to have well-thought-out storage solutions to keep everything organized and maintain a sense of openness. Wall-mounted cabinets, floating shelves, and recessed storage can provide ample space without encroaching on the limited floor area. Utilize the vertical space by installing shelves above the toilet or beside the sink.

Also, consider multi-functional furniture. A vanity with built-in storage, for example, can serve as both a sink and a place to store toiletries and towels. This approach reduces the need for additional furniture, keeping the space open and uncluttered.

4. Choose the Right Fixtures

Photo of bathroom with great quartz counters
Incorporating the right fixtures can really make a large impact in any space—no matter the size.

The selection of fixtures can greatly influence how spacious your bathroom feels. Opt for sleek, contemporary designs that don’t overwhelm the space. Wall-mounted or pedestal sinks are ideal for small bathrooms as they take up less room than traditional vanity units.

In terms of toilets, consider a compact, round-front model or a wall-hung toilet to save space. These options take up less room than standard toilets, contributing to the overall open feel of the bathroom.

5. Incorporate Sleek, Minimalist Design Elements

Embracing a minimalist design can work wonders in a small bathroom. This style emphasizes simplicity and uncluttered spaces, which is key in making a small area feel larger. Start by selecting fixtures and accessories with clean lines and minimalistic designs. A simple, rectangular sink or a smooth, streamlined faucet can make the space feel more modern and less crowded.

When it comes to decorating, less is more. Choose a few key decorative items instead of cluttering the space with numerous small decorations. Consider a single, striking piece of wall art or a decorative vase on a shelf. This approach keeps the space feeling open and uncluttered.

Floor and wall tiles can also contribute to a minimalist aesthetic. Large-format tiles with minimal grout lines can create a seamless look, making the room appear more expansive. Stick to a monochromatic color scheme or use subtle color variations to maintain simplicity and elegance.

6. Enhance with Smart Lighting and Technology

The right lighting can dramatically transform a small bathroom, making it feel more spacious and luxurious. Consider installing LED recessed lighting for a clean, modern look that doesn’t take up any space. Dimmer switches are a great addition, allowing you to adjust the lighting to suit different moods and times of the day.

Incorporating smart technology can also make the bathroom more functional and space-efficient. For example, a smart mirror with built-in lighting and touch controls can serve multiple purposes without taking up extra space. Heated towel rails can be a sleek alternative to traditional bulky radiators, adding comfort and style while saving space.

Consider adding a small waterproof speaker system or integrating smart home controls to manage lighting, temperature, and music. These technological enhancements can elevate the overall experience of the bathroom, making it not just a functional space but a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

7. Embrace Vertical Space for Decoration and Storage

Utilizing vertical space is an often overlooked strategy in small bathroom design. By directing the eye upwards, you create the illusion of height and space. Start by installing shelves at different heights to store toiletries and decorative items. This not only keeps the floor clear but also adds a dynamic visual element to the room.

Wall-mounted vertical towel racks or ladder-style towel holders are both practical and stylish options for making use of vertical space. They provide ample storage without taking up valuable floor area. Additionally, consider hanging plants from the ceiling or high on the walls. They bring a touch of nature into the bathroom and draw the eye upward, enhancing the feeling of space.


If you really want to make a small bathroom feel larger there are proven strategies to make that possible. In your bathroom renovation project, opt for a shower over a tub and implement smart storage solutions. Then choose the right fixtures, and you can significantly enhance the sense of space in your bathroom. 

Remember, the goal is to create a bathroom that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With these tips, you can transform your small bathroom into a comfortable, spacious retreat.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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