Most Expensive Homes in Louisville, KY

You’ve found one of our favorite annual topics. Honestly, who doesn’t love to look at the amazing properties we’d all like to own? I’ve been writing this post since 2013 and it’s a lot of fun! If you’re interested, you can check out the most recent one: Most Expensive Homes in Louisville Kentucky. That was from 2019. In 2020 something big was happening so I just didn’t have the time. Now what was that… just kidding, we all know that 2020 was insane. Let’s forget that and get to the good stuff!

So… this is how the other half lives. Yeah, I could get used to it!

Now, this piece will focus on individual homes. I’ve also written about the most expensive neighborhoods in Louisville as well. Feel free to check these out too. And if you have any specific questions about homes or neighborhoods, please contact me directly. I’m always happy to help!

Identifying the Homes

How does this actually work? Step one, I select all the properties that have sold so far in 2021 for $1,000,000 or more. These are the best of the best. Step two, we remove any homes from the list that are not in the general vicinity of Louisville. For this article, we only look at properties in the following counties: Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Bullitt.

Most Expensive Homes in Louisville

When the numbers were calculated, we had 124 properties make the list of most expensive homes this year! Here’s the tally.

Year# Sold
Each year I started with January 1st and calculated up to the date of the article which is typically at the end of September or early October.

We saw a bit of a dip in 2020 but then a massive spike this year! This is really a bit mind-blowing. It’s interesting to note that none of the 124 million dollar properties were in Bullitt County and only one was in Spencer County.

2018 20192021
Average List Price$1,701,070$1,497,543$1,462,381
Average Sold Price$1,609,606$1,423,256$1,404,326
Average Above
Grade SqFt
Sold Price Per Above Grade
Finished SqFt
Avg. Cumulative Days
on Market
Very similar recent numbers from 2019 except for that “Days on Market” value.

With a larger sample size, we can confirm that the values are more reliable in 2021. But it appears they are almost identical to 2019 with roughly half the number of homes. Interesting.

The biggest change (other than the sheer number of properties sold) is how quickly these luxury properties flew off the shelves. 84 days is quite fast for homes in this price range. Sure, property values have increased above the average for Louisville, Kentucky but the pool of buyers for homes in this price tier isn’t very large.

Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Louisville Kentucky

Ok, let’s get to the fun stuff. Here’s our countdown of the most expensive homes in Louisville that have sold during the year.

Tie #4 – 2 Wolf Pen Lane

Photo of 2 Wolf Pen Ln
Here we see a stately mansion located on a beautiful 20 acres in Jefferson County.

While located in an established part of Prospect, just off Wolf Pen Branch Road, this particular home was built more recently—1998 to be exact. With more than 9,000 finished square feet this home has all the space anyone would need… and more. Then there are the grounds which are picture-perfect. Close to everything just outside the Gene Snyder, you get both the convenience of nearby amenities along with the privacy that comes with such a large parcel of land. This incredible property sold for $2.8m in June. [Listing photos]

Tie #4 – 11303 Yandell Drive

Photo of 11303 Yandell Dr
Located in the prestigious neighborhood of Nutwood, this is truly a grand property. Wow!

Also selling for $2.8m, this home, like the one above, is a recent build. Often these lists are made up of century-old manor homes located closer to the center of Louisville but with all real estate trends, things change. This property was built just on the edge of Anchorage and comes with everything you might expect from a home in this price range. Grand entrance. Check. Luxurious entertaining spaces? Of course! High-end pool, tennis courts, and media room? Yes, yes, and also yes! This home has it all. Make sure you check out all the great photos.

#3 – 5712 Harrods Glen Drive

Photo of 5712 Harrods Glen Dr
Can you imagine? This incredible property looks like it was built in the 17th Century but it was actually built in 2017 with all the modern amenities.

Located in one of the top luxury neighborhoods in Louisville, this property is outstanding. Sure, it’s located on just a single acre but every space (both inside and out) is simply gorgeous. And not just that, every piece of this place is high-end. The choice of materials is outstanding. There are incredible outdoor spaces with decks and patios overlooking a beautiful saltwater pool. Words don’t do it justice so make sure to look through the photos. Plus, every home in Harrod’s Glen is a million-dollar property so the neighborhood is a pleasure to view driving to and from this mansion. The previous owners only lived here for four years. The new owners bought it in September for $3.05m. [Listing photos]

#2 – 7200 Covered Bridge Road

Overhead view of 7200 Covered Bridge Rd
The overhead view of this piece of land doesn’t tell the whole story.

The home located on this piece of land is very nice. But the real reason this property sold for $3.058m in July was the land. Located adjacent to Hunting Creek, this is prime Prospect real estate. Once the transaction was completed, the developers wasted no time dividing up the 13.35 acres into 13 high-end building lots. These lots have been purchased by local builders and construction is already underway. So, I’m sorry there won’t be any luxury photos to view but maybe in the future, we’ll see a home built on one of these lots in a “Most Expensive Homes in Louisville” article.

#1 – 3701 Upper River Road

Photo of 3701 Upper River Rd
Now that’s a big house! It might be the largest home I’ve seen listed here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here is the magnificent home that tops the list. It was sold for $4,217,550 in April. That’s a big number for a big house! Weighing in a 14,896 finished square footage this home is gigantic. But as you’d expect, it’s also fitted with the finest finishes and features. (How is that for alliteration?) Located in Louisville’s prestigious Mockingbird Valley this home is a gem. It has pretty much everything you could ever want in a home. Check out all the photos because there are some amazing things to see here. If you’re ever in the market to buy (or build) your dream home please give me a call[Listing photos]


That’s a wrap! With 124 million-dollar homes trading hands, it has been a busy year and we still have a couple of months left. We hope you have enjoyed our most recent installment of Louisville’s most expensive homes.