Best Luxury Home Neighborhoods in Louisville (Part 3 of 3)

Here we are… finally! I posted the first part of this three-part series in April called Best Starter Home Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky. This one targeted which of our city’s entry-level neighborhoods were my favorites, for various reasons.  I followed this one up with Best Move-up Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky. These are the best of the best middle tier subdivisions. A lot of great choices! Today, I publish the third and final piece looking at the creme of the crop—the very best luxury home neighborhoods in Louisville. I hope you enjoy it!  

Best Louisville Neighborhoods, Part 3 Luxury Homes

In this article, we’re focused on great Louisville neighborhoods where the average home price is above $500,000… sometimes way above. There are a good number of these actually, but I’m targeting the very best luxury neighborhood this city has to offer. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Luxury Home Neighborhoods in Louisville

I’ve chosen my favorite 10 luxury neighborhoods and I’ve ordered from least expensive to most. But keep in mind, just because the average price is fairly high, it doesn’t mean you can’t find great options at the lower end of the price range for most of these neighborhoods.

Lake Forest & Lake Forest Estates

Lake Forest - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
Louisville’s largest true neighborhood, Lake Forest, is actually one its very best as well.

Lake Forest and all of its related parts compose a gigantic but very appealing neighborhood. There’s a wide range in home values for some potential bargain hunters. It’s located due east of downtown off Shelbyville Road just outside the Gene Snyder Expressway. There’s an Arnold Palmer designed golf course, three pools, tennis courts, multiple clubhouses, playgrounds and more. The original neighborhood concept was so well-received that the developer continued to buy more adjacent land and kept on going! You can find it in MLS Area 8 and because it’s so large, there are always a good number of homes for sale in Lake Forest. The current average home sales price is $544,080 but there are some million-dollar properties as well.

» Homes for Sale in Lake Forest


Hillcrest - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
One of the most successful Louisville neighborhoods has been Hillcrest.

Hillcrest is located in Oldham County with its award-winning schools. Just off Highway 42, it’s just 5-10 minutes to Prospect with its shopping and restaurants. The neighborhood itself has a lot to offer. Hillcrest began in 2000. It focused on large, traditionally styled homes with open floor plans that buyers wanted. With a $565,683 average price, as of this writing, and no million-dollar properties there’s a tighter variance of home values. This means that every home is a luxury home even if it’s a bit more modest. The neighborhood has a very nice pool and clubhouse and even an elementary school within walking distance.

» Homes for Sale in Hillcrest

Norton Commons

Norton Commons Sutherland - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
Ever since Norton Common’s planned community was announced, Louisville has loved it.

Perhaps the most unique neighborhood in Louisville, Norton Commons, was the only subdivision that didn’t suffer during the housing recession of the last decade. Located in the northeast portion of Jefferson County, it has much smaller lots than you might expect but it makes up for it with incredibly beautiful development. The current average sale price is $583,707 homes do sell for over $1 million. The estate section will certainly boast a good number of these. There are shops and restaurants located within walking distance and it has a fire station, elementary schools and even its own YMCA.

» Homes for Sale in Norton Commons


Sutherland - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
There are simply some incredible luxury properties located within Sutherland.

Sutherland is located within the charming town of Prospect. Within Jefferson County, there are a lot of excellent luxury neighborhoods in part of the city. Sutherland, however, has a certain grand feeling that begins when you enter by crossing a beautiful bridge over a pristine lake. Some of the neighborhood’s most expensive homes are right there to greet you. The current average home sale price in Sutherland is $631,829 but there is a handful that top $1 million. This high-end Louisville neighborhood is located in MLS area 9.

» Homes for Sale in Sutherland

Rolling Fields

Rolling Fields - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
Somewhat a hidden gem, Rolling Fields is located right next to the larger, more well-known neighborhood of Indian Hills.

Rolling Fields is an established Louisville neighborhood located off Brownsboro Road still inside the Watterson Expressway. A smaller subdivision but simply loaded with mature trees and beautiful scenery. The high-end of this luxury neighborhood isn’t as expensive as some of the others in this list, with the average sale price currently being $635,927. Rolling Fields began in the 1950s and is chock-full of charming traditionally styled homes. Lots in Rolling Fields are larger than average. While there are some great amenities are nearby, there isn’t the congestion found in other parts of the city.

» Homes for Sale in Rolling Fields


Anchorage - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
A city unto itself, Anchorage runs the gamut from adorable little cottages to some of the largest estate homes in Louisville.

Anchorage has long been a prime target for luxury living in a country setting. Initially a railway stop away from downtown Louisville, this home rule-class city has its own fire and police departments, schools, and even a quaint little town center complete with newly updated walking trails. Anchorage real estate truly has it all. From simple homes on small lots to legitimate mansions. This country town contains some of Louisville’s most lavish homes! Currently, the average home price is $667,665.

» Homes for Sale in Anchorage

Indian Hills

Indian Hills - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
Classic luxury can be found in one of Louisville’s best neighborhood, Indian Hills.

Indian Hills is a prestigious and lovely part of Louisville. The rolling hills create such dramatic views for most of these home sites. It’s the very opposite of “cookie cutter.” Just a couple miles from downtown, this area was the starting point for many with money to build their dream homes after the turn of the century. You can find 100-year-old stone mansions, more traditional estate homes and even a few country cottages. The original Indian Hills is the portion with the grand, classic properties. Then, during the 50s, 60s, and 70s the Indian Hills annexed some nearby neighborhoods. These were more modest and brought down the overall average home value. Using all properties, we arrive at an average home price of $669,337. But if you want the best of the best, focus on the most western portion of Indian Hills.

» Homes for Sale in Indian Hills


Glenview - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
Made up of several different neighborhoods, Glenview is a part of Louisville which actually contains several luxury home neighborhoods in Louisville.

Glenview is an area just north of Highway 42 where it connects to the Watterson Expressway. It is comprised of several different neighborhoods that all contain Glenview in their names including Glenview Estates, Glenview Hills, Glenview Manor, Glenview Park, Glenview Springs, Glenview Woods and, of course, Glenview itself. Homes here are often quite large but, truth be told, there’s a wide range in home values from even the mid-$300k’s all the way up to estates that have sold for several million dollars. Located in MLS area 9, the current average sale price is $912,418 but this changes all the time. From old to new, from large to small, you can find all manner of luxury homes in Glenview.

» Homes for Sale in Glenview

Cherokee Gardens

Cherokee Gardens - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
From the scenic center of the city, Cherokee Gardens is close to everything you might need.

Cherokee Gardens is highly sought after neighborhood located off Lexington Road just north of I64. Because it’s not very large, homes don’t come onto the real estate market very often. But even with their higher price tags, they tend to sell more quickly than their competition. There’s a wide variety of architecture. Each home has that charm that comes from an era when craftsmanship was paramount. It’s hard to find homes that are built like these any more. Cherokee Gardens was initially developed in the 1930s and its current average sale price is $936,514.

» Homes for Sale in Cherokee Gardens

Harrod’s Glen

Harrods Glen - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Luxury Homes
If you’re looking for newer construction luxury homes, Harrod’s Glen is the best you can find.

Harrod’s Glen is Louisville’s highest priced neighborhood. Sure, you can find more expensive properties around the city but nowhere else can you find new construction homes where $1,000,000 is the starting point. This private subdivision just off Wolf Pen Branch Road in Prospect began in 2008 with just 46 home sites. Now completely sold out, the average sale price of homes sold recently is $1,911,250. Seriously, you can’t get more luxurious than these homes.

» Homes for Sale in Harrod’s Glen


There you have it! These are the top luxury home neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky. Certainly, there are others, the following come to mind:

But I had to choose my very favorite ones, so these were the ones I selected. If you have any questions about any of these luxury Louisville neighborhoods or the homes in them, please contact me. I’m always happy to help!

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