NAR Pushing ‘Awareness’ Campaign

The advertisement you see above is one that the National Association of Realtors in putting in a number of publications lately. Their intent is to make sure that people are aware that now is a good time for them to out house hunting.

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended Ad by NAR

I don’t have a problem with their intent but I believe their execution is very disappointing. As a real estate professional, I know the many reasons that now truly is a good time for certain consumers to be house shopping. Chief among them are, 1) the historically low interest rates, 2) the never-before-seen tax credits from the government, 3) the reduced home prices, and 4) the large house inventories across the country.

However it seems that NAR is only focusing on the tax credit portion. Check out this commercial.

Nothing really wrong with this spot but I believe there is so much more they could have done. With interest rates expected to rise in 2010 along with the other variables I just mentioned, I would have thought a more comprehensive message would have served better. But because you read Louisville Homes Blog, you’re getting the entire picture.