New Development Innovating on Highway 42

The Courier-Journal is reporting that a 7-home, elevated development is being planned for Highway 42. The primary obstacle is the severity of the land’s grade.

The 4.1-acre wooded site at 6411 U.S. 42 has slopes as steep as 60 percent.

So to overcome this problem, and the portion of the land below the flood plain, Panacea Development is planning on building these $1 to $1.2 million homes on piers. And that’s not the only part that will be innovative.

Driveways and the road providing access to U.S. 42 will be constructed of pre-cast concrete slabs with heating tubes inside to melt snow and ice.

Sounds impressive! The recently approved a six-month extension gives the development team until Oct. 13 to get started on the project.