6 Ways Storage Makes Home Renovations Easier

When you think about an upcoming home renovation, several stress-causing factors probably come to mind. First off, they can be expensive. Then there’s the mess. Plus, all the work that needs to be done! If there’s a renovation coming your way, you’re in the right place. This guide will show you 12 ways that storage makes home renovations stress-free. Let’s get started!

Photo of a woman carrying a cardboard box on moving day
Storing some items before a home renovation is important to keep them from getting damaged or even destroyed.

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7 Essential Things to Consider When Moving to a New Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of moving to a new home? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! The process of packing and moving can be stressful and even panic-inducing. But with careful planning and preparation, you can ensure your move goes smoothly and doesn’t disrupt your daily routine. Whether you’re relocating to a new city or going just a few blocks away, there are some things to consider when moving. Every detail counts so let’s get started. 

Photo of a man with coffee and a woman with a laptop
Planning your upcoming move will go a long way to making it a less stressful process. | Photo by Blue Bird

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Kentucky Premises Liability Laws to Know as a Property Owner

If you are a property owner in Kentucky, then the last thing you want to have to happen is for a person to be injured while they are on your property. This can open you up to a whole world of complications. To avoid a potential lawsuit it is best to know the Kentucky premises liability laws and how they affect you as a property owner. Things like, “When you are liable for someone’s injury?” Read further to learn more.

Photo of a home with steep stairs that could be dangerous to visitors.
Think about any part of your home that could be a place where a visitor could be injured such as these very steep steps.| Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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5 Key Factors to Consider When Selling Your Home

There are a large number of factors to consider when selling your home. Most homeowners think immediately about the condition of their home, and that is definitely one of the most important. But what about the others? Making the right decisions in these areas can mean the difference between a smooth sale and a long, drawn-out process. In this post, we’ll discuss key factors you should consider in order to ensure a successful outcome. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first-time seller, these tips will help you confidently navigate the selling process.

Photo of a new construction home for sale, also known as a spec home
Whether you’re a local builder or a homeowner, there are many factors to consider when selling your home. | Photo: pixabay

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The Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent

Are you thinking of either buying or selling a home? In either case, you might be tempted to try to save money by handling everything yourself. This may cost you in the long run. So… what exactly are the benefits of working with a real estate agent?

Photo of a real estate agent working with client selling lots of land
Real estate agents should be experts when it comes to analyzing a piece of property or home and then guiding you through the process of buying it.

There’s a lot that goes into a real estate transaction. To start, there are times when a person isn’t in a good position to actually make a purchase. But how would you know? We’re here to help you by listing some of the benefits of a real estate agent when it comes to buying a home.


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Exploring Home Heating Options

Whether it’s a tough winter or you’re looking to lower your heating bill cost, researching home heating options is a crucial step that shouldn’t be ignored. From ground heat pumps to geothermal heat, there are a lot of home heating options out there.

Photo of a woman laying in bed working on her computer with her cellphone
Today’s smart home apps are easier to use than ever, such as several app-driven home heating options. | Photo by Vlada Karpovich

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Investor’s Guide to Airbnb Rentals: Let’s Maximize Profits

There can be a huge amount of profit within the Airbnb rental market, whether short or long-term rentals. However, there are some tips and tricks you can learn in order to maximize your profit, bringing in a much higher ROI than on simple long-term leases. Please check out this investor’s guide to Airbnb rentals and see what it might take to do just that.

Photo of a young man comparing home financing options.
It takes research and then planning but it’ll be worth it in the long run to have higher profits.

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4 Staggeringly Simple Things to Do Before Selling Your House

We’ve all heard it before—moving is one of the most stressful things in life. And this is can be true for you too. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make this experience a lot simpler. In this piece, we’re looking at four obvious things to do before selling your house that will make your life easier.

Photo of a home ready to sell
Experienced real estate agents understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling homes.

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How Repairing Concrete Provides More Benefits than Replacing It

Fixing damaged concrete is no easy feat. The safety of the foundations of your home or driveway is at stake. You must apply the right process to prevent further damage for these reasons. Replacing it all may tempt you. However, repairing concrete can provide you with more benefits that include fewer costs in the long run. Read on to learn more.

Photo of a new home with a long concrete driveway
The longer the driveway, the more expensive the replacement but repairs could potentially be less. | Photo by Pixabay

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Kitchen Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home 

Not only is the kitchen often the focal point of the home, but it’s among the top selling features when it comes to putting a property on the market. Due to this, many homeowners invest in their kitchens unnecessarily. While it’s true that certain kitchen upgrades, such as copper range hoods, will cause your property value to skyrocket, this isn’t the case for all kitchen upgrades. So, before you go splashing the cash on kitchen upgrades,m learn about kitchen upgrades that add value, then make your move.

Photo of a new kitchen in a new construction home
The kitchen is the heart of the home so most people want it to be both functional and beautiful. | Photo by Curtis Adams

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4 Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

No one wants to have their home foreclosed. But sometimes unforeseen events take their toll. If you’re heading into this situation, we are going to provide some tips for avoiding foreclosure that can help you. Read on to learn more about your options and see if one or more of these can help you.

Photo of a woman putting a Foreclosure rider on a For Sale sign
No one wants to see this sign in their front yard but there are still options to help you make the best of a bad situation.

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7 Types of the Hottest New Technology for Rentals

Renting a home or apartment can be stressful, especially in high-demand areas. But the latest technology is making it easier than ever to find and manage rental properties, says sources like Duchess Apartments. From apps that help tenants find the perfect rental to intelligent home devices that allow them to control their living environment, technology is transforming the rental experience for tenants worldwide. Let’s look at seven ways new technology for rentals is changing the industry.

Photo of a laptop, credit cards, financial documents
Technology continues to make finding and managing rentals easier.

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11 Essential Keys for Collecting Antiques 

Collecting antiques is a great hobby that can bring joy, pride, and financial benefits to both collectors and antique dealers. Whether using antiques as part of your interior design strategies or you simply want to own them, they undoubtedly have a unique charm. This makes them stand out from other collectibles and can be used to start conversations. Your investment can also provide long-term financial returns as many pieces become increasingly valuable over time due to increased rarity or sentimental attachments. Let’s jump right into the eleven keys for collecting antiques!

Photo of a living room with antique furniture
Collecting antiques has been a respected hobby for centuries. | Image by JamesDeMers

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11 Ways to Use Antiques in Your Interior Design  

Antique pieces can certainly bring beauty and character to your home decor. Whether you’re looking for something modern or vintage, some pieces can complete any room. With the right pieces, you can give a unique feel to your living space that will make it truly stand out. In this article, we’ll look at eleven ways to use antiques in your interior design.

Photo of an antique globe
Utilizing an antique in your home’s interior design will add a depth of character that’s simply powerful. | Photo by Ricky Gálvez

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Is it Better to Furnish a Home to Sell It?

If you are currently living in your property while it is being marketed, then it is likely to be furnished. But what happens if you don’t live there, perhaps because you have already moved out or it was a rental? Do empty rooms with no furniture make it harder to sell a property? More often than not, it’s a good idea to furnish a home to sell and we’ll tell you why.

Photo of a well staged living room ready to list
A well-staged space will always garner a higher sales price than an empty space. | Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians

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