7 Mistakes to Watch Out for When Selecting a Painting Contractor

Imagine your dream home, vibrant walls reflecting the sun, every brushstroke a testament to your style. Before the final coat dries, you uncover shoddy workmanship, hidden costs, and a disappearing contractor. Left with a patchy mess, your stomach sinks into a hollow pit of regret. This is the dark side of home improvement, and in the domain of painting, it’s all too common. Selecting a painting contractor for your project isn’t just about picking a brush and slapping on some color. It’s a delicate dance between trusting your dream to a stranger and navigating the treacherous landscape of potential pitfalls.

Photo of a paint roller painting a wall teal - 7 Mistakes to Watch Out for When Selecting a Painting Contractor
Photo by Theme Photos

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Keeping Pests Out of Your Home: A Guide to Effective Pest Control

Dealing with unwelcome pests in your home can be frustrating, disgusting, and even dangerous, depending on the type of pest. Getting control of a pest problem early is key to minimizing damage and health risks. Understanding common household pests and effective control methods is critical in keeping pests out of your home. This comprehensive guide covers critical information all homeowners should understand. Let’s start!

Photo of a mouse looking under a door
He may look cute but for the safety of the people living in your home, you do not want him to come inside.

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7 Valuable Louisville Home Improvement Projects

We’re home to some of the most charming Louisville historic homes. In Old Louisville, you’ll find ancient Victorian mansions and contemporary bungalows that rival New York City. But we also have a good number of diverse home styles as well. Maybe you’re looking to transform your home and bring in the charm while at the same time enhancing your property value. So, looking for some Louisville home improvement projects to spark your thinking? Read on!

Photo of a renovated kitchen with white Shaker cabinets - Find Big Comfort with These 7 Louisville Home Improvement Projects
It is likely safe to say that white Shaker cabinets will never go out of style.

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5 Cabin Décor Ideas to Bring the ‘Cozy’

Your cabin is your sanctuary. When your regular life gets too hectic, you can retreat to the mountains or the lake, where you can relax, breathe cleaner air, and truly enjoy the company of family and friends. During these trips to your home, you probably don’t want to lift a finger — which might mean that your vacation home suffers from the same sad, outdated décor it had when you first bought it. Let’s look at some cabin décor ideas to make things more cozy!

Photo of some people enjoying time at their cabin in the Winter
Home is where the heart is. And sometimes you need to take your heart on a trip to the cabin!

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Student Housing Trends: Adapting to the Evolving Needs of Today’s Students

Student housing trends have undergone significant transformation in the ever-evolving world of education, reflecting not only changing preferences but also an acknowledgment of modern student needs. Gone are the days of traditional dormitories with basic amenities; now, students desire a more tailored accommodation experience that caters more precisely to them. As education progresses, so does student housing.

Photo of new modern apartments
There’s a wide range of options for student housing including high-end luxury apartments like these.

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8 Ways to Improve Concrete Safety with Slip Resistance

Sidewalks, whether they are private or used for the public, need to be safe. The same goes for your porch and deck areas. If they’re slippery, someone is more likely to get hurt and no one wants that. In this piece, we’ll look at eight ways to improve concrete safety with slip resistance. See which one makes the most sense for you!

Even a covered porch can get slippery when the rain comes in. | Photo by Tre Pryor

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Space-Saving Solutions in Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, but in many houses, it’s also one of the most cramped spaces. Kitchen remodeling offers an opportunity to enhance this central space, making it more functional and spacious. In this quick guide, we look at seven space-saving solutions in kitchen remodeling that bring some relief to any tight, cramped space.

Photo of a warm kitchen with a large dining table and tile wall
Even the most beautiful kitchen space can get cluttered. That’s where storage comes in! | Photo by 652234

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9 Reasons to Use Local Professional Versus DIY

Are you trying to decide whether to hire a local professional versus DIY? When it comes to making substantial improvements to your home, hiring a skilled local remodeling contractor can be a game-changer. Whether you’re looking to revamp your living space, modernize your interiors, or add value to your property, a remodeling contractor can turn your ideas into a reality. In this article, we’ll explore how working with a remodeling contractor might be a better choice than going it alone.

Photo of a new construction home

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5 Design Ideas with Wood to Enhance Your Home’s Style

When a house contains distinctive features, these can often be conversation starters for guests. Expert designers know how to incorporate all the textures together to form attractive and inviting spaces. Wood is one of the textures that will always be part of their design plan. But you can bring the beauty of wood into your home just like a designer, if you know how. In this piece we’ll look at five design ideas with wood that you can try. Keep reading!

Photo of an inviting living room with metal fireplace, wood beams and lots of glass windows
Wood well-balanced with stone, metal and glass will always create an inviting space. | Photo by Maria Orlova

Before we take a walk in the woods, understand that this list isn’t exhaustive. Your design options are limitless and should be built around what works for you. With that in mind, let’s jump right in!


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6 Expert Tips to Elevate Your Home’s Interior Design

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and value of your real estate, thoughtful decoration plays a pivotal role. It’s not just about splashing colors on the walls; it’s about creating an ambiance that reflects your taste and lifestyle. Among the myriad of options available, mural wallpaper is an up-and-coming design aesthetic. Learn about this expert tip and five others to help you elevate your home’s interior design!

Photo of an expert designed interior of a two story great room with a wall of windows.
Sure this great room is fabulous but there are many design choices here that amplify the style of the space.

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Property Tax Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Navigating the realm of property ownership can be complex, and one essential element that often perplexes many is property tax. This tax is a pivotal part of owning real estate, yet it remains shrouded in confusion for some. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unfold everything you need to know about property tax, from its fundamental principles to its critical role in your financial responsibilities as a property owner. 

Photo of a woman on a laptop computer
If you believe that your property tax bill is too high there are things you can do.

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5 Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom Remodel

Embarking on a luxurious bathroom remodel offers an exciting opportunity to transform a functional space into a personal one with luxury and comfort. This journey, though filled with numerous decisions, is an adventure in creativity and style. The goal is not just to update the look but to create a bathroom that feels like a tailor-made space for you. 

Photo of a beautiful bathroom with the perfect light fixture

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New Homeowner Maintenance Tips: Know About Them?

Embarking on the journey of homeownership is an exciting milestone. For many, it symbolizes a new chapter filled with hopes and dreams. However, this journey also brings with it the responsibility of home maintenance, a crucial aspect often overlooked by new homeowners. In this piece, we’re going to look at eight new homeowner maintenance tips that everyone should know. Do you?

Photo of a roller paint brush with green paint on a paint can lid
There’s a reason why “paint” is on most home maintenance lists, it’s easy, inexpensive, and can work wonders! | Photo by Ksenia Chernaya

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Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement: 10 Things to Help You Decide

Your roof is the quiet watchman against the elements. It plays a significant part in shielding your home. Depending on where you like, the weather in your city will play a large role in how long your roof does its job. Over time, wear and tear is unavoidable. So, let’s take a look at the 10 factors to consider when making the roof repair vs roof replacement decision. choice.

Photo of home in Little Spring Farm, a Best Louisville Neighborhood
The newer the home the more likely you’ll choose roof repair vs roof replacement.

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Do I Need the Original Deed to Sell My House

Are you wondering, “Do I need the original deed to sell my house?” This is a common concern among homeowners. So let’s clear things up! In this article, we unpack the importance of the original deed in a property sale transaction, along with its alternatives.

Photo of a real estate agent working on the paperwork needed to buy a vacation property
In every real estate transaction, there’s paperwork. But do you need the original deed to sell your house?

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