6 Tips for Using Wood in Your Interior Design

Photo of a desk with a natural wood leg
Photo by Element5 Digital

With spring here, you might feel inspired to refresh the interior of your home. You’re tired of repainting the walls, buying throw rugs, and looking for knick-knacks. Need a bit of inspiration? Read on to learn some great ways for using wood in your interior design.

We’ve assembled some decoration ideas that will change the appearance and atmosphere of your home. When you’re planning your next home remodeling project, take note of these design tips.


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How To Protect Your Roof From Environmental Threats

The environment can threaten your roof if you fail to take precautionary measures. If you have a metal roof and fail to paint it, there is a chance it might rust. Also, failure to clean the gutters might cause a clog that will lead to overflows. You must understand how to protect your roof from environmental threats. The following are some simple measures that teach you how to protect your roof the right way.

Photo of a roof with frost on it
Once you learn the importance of a roof then you’ll want to know how to protect your roof which is really protecting your investment.

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Architecture Services: What Architects Can Do for Your Building Project

Do you know if you need architecture services? A building project is such a delicate and complicated task that requires the input of architects and other professionals to succeed. When building your dream home, architecture is the most important aspect. It’s the only expertise that is needed from beginning to end. Likewise, architects have to work with all other service providers to ensure that the work is going on as planned.

Photo of an architect working on house blueprints
Sometimes a draftsman performs the same types of service as an architect. It’s good to know the differences. | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

That said, you need to understand the architecture services you can get from a professional firm when you have a construction project. You do not need to take all the services, just what you need for your project. Read on to learn more.


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How Does Equity in Your Home Work?

Given that the market has been moving higher in recent years, many homeowners now have more equity in their homes than they thought. There are a couple of ways of accessing that equity. This piece will look at how equity in your home actually works.

Photo of a home in Crescent Hill
When looking at the equity in your home, you first want to know how you might use it. | Photo: Tre Pryor

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How to Keep Your Basement Pest Free

The basement is an area of the home where we typically do not spend much time. For most people, the basement simply serves as the storage area in the home. As a result of this, it is a part of the house that is often overlooked when it comes to pest prevention. This article highlights reasons why critters and bugs enjoy staying in the basement, as well as useful tips to keep keep your basement pest free.

Photo of a basement bedroom
Basement bedrooms are great but only if they are pest free.

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5 Tips to Maximize Customer Satisfaction with your Roof Service

In today’s digital era of information, customer satisfaction is vital for the success of any business. However, this depends on how you engage your customers, the quality of service offered, and the materials used. It would help if you remembered that satisfied customers tend to return. Plus, they’ll have a higher chance of recommending your service to people they know. So how do you maximize customer satisfaction?

Happy Face check graphic

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3 Top Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

How your home looks from the exterior is a big deal. Ensuring that your house fits in with its surroundings can be crucial for attracting interest, establishing an asking price, and ensuring that you get a good return on your initial investment. However, ensuring that your house complements its surrounding environment doesn’t mean eliminating all its personality and characteristic quirks. Read on to learn the three best approaches to boost curb appeal.

Home in Bridges of Razor Creek neighborhood Louisville KY
Winter is a great time to plan for your home’s future improvements. | Photo: Tre Pryor

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How to Choose 3D Architectural Rendering Company

If you are planning on building a home or especially a large commercial space, you should consider the value of hiring an architectural rendering company. There’s a lot to consider. Which 3D architectural rendering company should you choose? Which techniques best match your vision? And most importantly, what will it cost? 

3D architectural rendering of a modern house with a pool
Image by giovanni gargiulo

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5 Ways to Learn Who Owns a Property

Are you interested in purchasing a property? Maybe you are a tenant who is curious to find out who owns the property you are occupying. If that’s the case, read on. Determining a property’s owner is relatively simple. You can easily know who owns a property by reading this article which teaches you where to look to find out if the property belongs to a private individual or if it is government-owned. 

Photo of a person working on a laptop

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5 Easy Bathroom Plumbing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Many homeowners think that taking care of their bathrooms is just cleaning the toilet or the tub. But it isn’t that simple! People need to check plumbing issues as well, and the problem is that most of us do not know where to start looking when it comes to even a minor problem. Read on to learn five easy bathroom plumbing tips.

Photo of a room being remodeled with new plumbing and electrical
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya

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How to Create the Relaxing Bedroom You’ve Always Wanted

Getting enough sleep is essential to your well-being. While many things might keep you up at night, a dingy, uncomfortable bedroom should not be one of them. Not only is this space a place for you to get some rest, but it can also be a sanctuary of sorts for those who share their home with others (other than the bathroom, of course!). In this piece, we’ll highlight the best ways to create the relaxing bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading!

Photo of a minimalist bedroom
Maybe this relaxing bedroom is out of reach but you can definitely make yours amazing! | Photo by Patryk Kamenczak

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Reasons to Retire in Kentucky

After so many years of working to build a life and provide for yourself and your family, it’s time for a well-earned, long rest. However, deciding on your new living destination is difficult because many places tick most of the boxes, and you get to pick only one. In this piece, we will highly X reasons to retire in Kentucky.

Photo of a mature couple enjoying their retirement in Kentucky with two black labs
Photo by Greta Hoffman

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7 Tips for Reinventing Your Dining Room

The dining room is an important part of your home, as that’s one of the places where family members and guests gather. Unfortunately, most dining room designs always seem a bit underwhelming because they’re primarily made for only taking meals, and people tend to pay less attention to the décor. However, you can decide to get an inspirational idea on reinventing your dining room and making it unique.

Photo of a stylish dining room

Also, reinventing your dining room is one of the ways to enhance your property’s image before the sale. A beautiful dining space may add value to your property and makes it easier for you to get buyers faster.


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Tips for Settling into Your New Home Abroad

Moving to a new country can be an amazing experience. It’s a chance to learn about a new culture, to learn a new language, and to adapt to different ways of life. But it can also be difficult on many levels. You’re stepping into an unknown culture and setting up a new home abroad, and you’re learning a new language. That can be tough enough! But you’re also adapting to different ways of life, which can take some getting used to.

Photo of homes on a canal in a European town
Photo by Barb Duggan

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