When Can You Trust Your Realtor?

Trust. It’s the key facet of every human relationship. Before I became a Realtor, I thought Realtors enjoyed a great reputation. Why? Because my Realtor was a great guy—hardworking and trustworthy. I would refer him to all my friends and family, who each shared glowing recommendations. But how about you? Do you trust your Realtor?

Photo of a Louisville Realtor shaking hands with his client
Can you really trust your Louisville Realtor? That’s a great question. Learn how here.

When I became a Louisville Realtor, I found out that public perception of my chosen occupation was less than stellar.

Looking for evidence, we have to go back to 1989 for the oft-cited survey data. This report by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) attempts to put values on public perception. In it, Real Estate Occupations came in at a paltry 38.53 on the “Prestige Score” scale.

Please understand, very few occupations scored so low, dismally low to be sure. (It would be nice to have more recent results, however.) There’s enough public perception out there that Realtors can’t be trusted. Is it fair to say, “One bad apple?”

Now, we’ve got people writing stories like, Why You Can’t Trust Real Estate Agents When Buying A House. Really, none of them?

Mr. Holman, the author of the piece, isn’t a Realtor but a member of the financial industry in Canada. I would suspect he has a better-than-average understanding of the industry. But why the blanket statement?

I think there are several reasons.

Where does the lack of trust come from?

First, society has become less trusting. See? There’s that word again.

There’s no question the economy is stagnant. The Washington Post, much to the chagrin of their political leanings, recently published The typical American family makes less than it did in 1989. Sigh.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that our more competitive economic landscape means any product or service with a sales component will grow more cutthroat.

Thus, we have an increased opportunity for Realtors who forego their fiduciary duties in favor of a quicker path to payday.

Second, in this day and age of exploding social media, it doesn’t take long for the word to “get around.” Find an agent cutting corners and mistreating their clients? Bam! Facebook post three minutes later and 253 “friends” now have their perceptions modified.

Lastly, due to the importance of a decision this large, every person involved in a real estate transaction experiences increased levels of stress. Whether you’re buying a home for your family or investment property or second home like the Pier 27 Condos in Toronto, the process is far more stressful than regular, day-to-day life.

If you sell your hand-me-down chest of drawers for less than it’s worth, no biggie. But if someone gets a “steal” when buying your house, that’s a whole other story.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been involved in a deal when a perceived slight occurs and one of the clients blows their top. Last time, we found the document that proved the client had signed off on the rate. We closed the following day.

(The client later apologized for his outburst.)

The true nature of every industry

Even with all this against the profession, I still come back to this: Painting with the broad brush inevitably gets some paint where it doesn’t belong.

There are good Realtors. I know a good number of them here in Louisville. Heck, I’m one of them!

These agents will go the extra mile, even when there’s nothing in it for them. They’ll reschedule 9 showings because their client’s child became sick. They will accept phone calls, at home, at 10:30 pm because they understand that their client is stressing out.

There’s nothing wrong with educating the consumer Mr. Holman, but your premise is far too bleak and none too accurate.

My advice to all Louisville home buyers/sellers is to get quality referrals.

  • Don’t call a Realtor because you see her billboards on bus signs.
  • Don’t call an agent because they advertise on your favorite radio station.
  • Don’t call the guy with those late-night real estate infomercials.
  • Don’t call a Realtor because their name sounds familiar.

Instead, seek out a trusted friend or family member who has used the same Realtor for multiple Louisville real estate transactions. Don’t worry, it won’t be as hard as you may think.

You most certainly can trust your Realtor. Just so long as you select the right one.

Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves About Other Realtors

Photo of a girl giving the two thumbs down gesture
Want to know what I hate? You don’t care? Doesn’t matter… I’m telling you anyway. My top 10 Realtor pet peeves about other Realtors. It’s going to shock you.


There are sites where I publish my “made for TV” opinion and analysis stories. Louisville Homes Blog has been up and running since 2006 and gets more traffic now than ever before! (Yes, I’m tooting my own horn so sue me.)

I also write for Insider Louisville, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Better platform. Larger audience. What’s not to like?

So here on my own personal blog is where I cut loose and tell you how I really feel.

It’s getting real up in here.

So today’s topic came to me as I was looking through a bunch of listings for a client of mine. And I was like,

“Why are you doing this? Are you crazy?! What kind of drugs are you on???”

So without further ado, here’s my Top 10 Realtor pet peeves about other Realtors.

#10 Realtors who typing the listing descriptions in ALL CAPS

What’s annoying in an email or text is just as annoying on the web. For goodness sake, please refrain!

#9 Realtors who misrepresent their listing to have more official bedrooms than it truly has

I know someone could sleep in this room but without an egress window, closet and a door, this is not an official bedroom. Try again.

#8 Realtors who don’t listen to the voice message I just left them but instead call me and ask about it

Spending two minutes bringing you up to speed on our deal wasn’t something I did for myself, it was meant for you! Don’t call me and ask me to do it all over again. Crikies!

#7 Realtors who give out the wrong code to their listing’s lock-box

This one could be a simple mistake but it’s important. If you make me look bad in front of my clients, I’m not your friend. (Just kidding, I’m still your friend… just don’t let it happen again.)

#6 Realtors who won’t give me their client’s feedback on one of my listings

Since I received my real estate license to practice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky I have given feedback on 100% of the homes I’ve shown my clients. Eat your heart out Ty Cobb.

Other agents? Not so much.

#5 Realtors who pretend that a patently obvious problem doesn’t exist

Well… because we have to get that document signed by all parties in order to have an accepted contract, it’s fairly important, dontcha think?

#4 Realtors who are lazy

Some people just do their job better than others. The loafers bring me down because now I have to pick up your slack.

#3 Realtors who try to take my commission with a spurious procuring cause claim

This doesn’t happen often but when it does… oh man… my blood starts to boil. Are you seriously trying to take the money I’ve earned?

Thems is fightin’ words.

#2 Realtors who don’t return my calls

I am sorry to report that this happens more often than I would have thought. Real estate attorneys, home appraisers, home inspectors and other contractors fall into this category as well. Act professional people!

#1 Realtors who treat me like I’ve done something wrong when it’s really their clients causing the trouble

And my number one pet peeve about other Realtors is when the so-called professional gets all bent out of shape and yells at me about something that’s either their fault or their client’s fault.

I don’t handle these situations very well. Please forgive me… I’m a work in progress too. ;^)

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Louisville Real Estate

Perhaps the best movie theme music of all time.

I’ve spent a good many posts ranting about things that bother me in my career as a Louisville Realtor. Blog ranting is a good way to blow off steam.

(Better that then actually telling someone they’re a bad person. Heh.)

Today I thought I’d hit the topic from a new perspective… all of them.

The Good Louisville Real Estate

Louisville is a great city, whether the nation (or world) knows it or not. I’m proud to call this place my home.

By and large, the people here are generous, polite and caring. The vast majority of Louisvillians are stand up citizens.

I can’t imagine working this business is a city like New York or L.A. where selfish vanity is on parade. Argh!

Plus, this is a beautiful town! The parks are highly under-rated and the Parklands of Floyds Fork are only going to enhance our lives.

Far more good than bad, but I started this theme so…

The Bad Louisville Real Estate

There are some very selfish people in every city. These people give little thought to taking what they want without giving back even a “thank you.”

It happens to me weekly. It’s part of the business. But that doesn’t make it OK.

As part of their job, Realtors do need to explain to people how the business works. Listings are fairly straight-forward but working with buyers can be like trying to wrangle a school of jellyfish.

Using a Buyer’s Agency Agreement (BAA) solves the uncertainty problem but some people won’t sign one.

That leaves us it a bit of a war-zone, where anything goes. With nothing to penalize the offender, it will keep happening. Sad but true.

My solution would be to have a new law that requires home buyers to sign with just one real estate agent. They can switch to a new agent if things don’t work out by a quick written form but are required to be aligned with an agent throughout the buying process.

That’s not burdensome and would create a more clear landscape for all parties. Am I missing anything here?

The Ugly Louisville Real Estate

This space is reserved for the truly crazed individuals, either by the stress of events or personal health or mental problems.

There are some sick people in the world and, for the most part, they can buy and sell real estate too.

It’s people like this that I am glad that I’m not required to work with anyone. I can choose to say, “No thank you. Please find another agent. Good day.”

The hard part is identifying these people before you’re knee-deep in negotiations and the animal excrement is about to hit the fan.

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few. Hopefully Taking Advantage of Historically Low Interest Rates Isn’t One of Them

Please pardon my epically long title above but I wanted to make a point. You know the famous Frank Sinatra song, My Way, right? Well, a portion of the lyrics are:

Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention

How about you? Are your regrets too few to mention?

Most experts agree that we are past the lowest interest rates in history. History!

Did you buy? Did you refinance? I sure hope so!

Because if you didn’t, you’ll likely regret it. Just how much, remains to be seen.

Skeptics say, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a few bucks each month.”

Ok, and I’m sure we all have so much extra money to burn, right?

For a $200,000 loan, here are the different amounts of interest (not principal) you would pay during all of the 30 years, for each interest rate.

3.5% – $123,312.18
4.0% – $143,739.01 (or $20,426.83 more than at 3.5%!)
4.5% – $164,813.42 (or $41,501.24 more than at 3.5%!)
5.0% – $186,511.57 (or $63,199.39 more than at 3.5%!)
5.5% – $208,808.08 (or $85,495.90 more than at 3.5%!)
6.0% – $231,676.38 (or $108,364.20 more than at 3.5%!)

So… do you have an extra $100k laying around to waste on that additional interest? I know I don’t.

Please don’t regret missing out on the best financial home buying deal of our lifetime. Think of all the extra Starbucks you could buy? ;^)

It Takes All Kinds

It Takes All Kinds of People but Selfish People Can Take a Hike
You’ve heard, “It takes all kinds.” But I’d much rather a world without selfish people.

Real estate can be a tough business. Whenever you deal with people, things can be quite trying.

But, “It takes all kinds!” you hear people shout.

Well, that depends.

If you’re referring to:

  • people of all colors and creeds,
  • who have different interests, hobbies and pastimes,
  • which when we meet them open our eyes to different ways of doing things.

then I’m with you!

But some people are just downright selfish.

They only think about what’s going to benefit themselves and treat everyone around them like “things” rather than people.

I don’t want all kinds of clients, just the right kinds

I never knew how selfish some people could be until I got into real estate—which is essentially a service industry.

The phrase, “The customer is always right” never met my last client. Yes, this is one of those posts.

When you are contacted and asked to provide service, with no payment or signing of documents, there’s a level of common courtesy that seems to be missing in America 2013.

It’s more like, “What can I get away with.” than “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I’m happy to help anyone in Louisville with all kinds of real estate advice or service, but if you are one of those people who could care less how your actions affect others… please don’t call me.

Thanks in advance!

Why Choose Louisville New Construction? These Benefits for Home Buyers Will Show You the Way

I’ve written a data-driven article about the current Louisville new construction landscape for InsiderLouisville in the past. But today, I want to write about this topic from a personal perspective.

Photo looking at floorplan of their new construction home being built in Louisville, KY.
Are you a designer? Hands-on on personality? New construction in Louisville could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Continue reading “Why Choose Louisville New Construction? These Benefits for Home Buyers Will Show You the Way”

How To Be the Best Real Estate Agent

Illustration of agent holding the world in his hand
In order to be the best real estate agent, you need to have knowledge, a strong work ethic and be truly trustworthy.

Over on LouisvilleHomesBlog.com my content is highly-focused on providing real estate news and advice to people who want to buy or sell a Louisville home. It’s for the consumers of real estate.

Here at TrePryor.com, I open my wide-angled lens for a broader view.

Here, I can talk to current real estate agents, other industry professionals or even someone thinking about entering the business.

I’m by no means an expert. (But if you Google “top agents Louisville” you might find me somewhere in the results. *wink*)

What I’d like to talk about today is how to be the best real estate agent—how that actually happens. As I see it, there are three main ingredients.

The Best Agent Has Strong Real Estate Knowledge

Without knowledge of the local market, real estate best practices or strong marketing tactics, you can never be a best agent. Period.

The hard part?

To be great, you have to be knowledgeable across a broad range of topics: architecture to home improvement, marketing to finance, technology to people skills… and the list goes on!

I remember a 40-year veteran of Louisville real estate tells me once, that he still felt like he only knew 50% of all there was to know.

Real estate is a very deep field.

The Best Agent Has a Strong Work Ethic

Real estate knowledge by itself, won’t get you there. There needs to be a drive to put it into action.

Those that sit around and expect business to find them, quickly find themselves in another career.

Clients have a large number of choices, selecting the best real estate agent is just one of them. If a particular agent isn’t providing high-quality service in a prompt, timely manner they will look elsewhere.

Today’s smartphone isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. The best agent doesn’t miss a call, email or text because he has it with him at all times.

And did I mention Twitter? It’s the fastest way to get news that matters to you. Strong agents are on top of it all, nimble and responsive to any and all forms of communication.

Included in a strong work ethic is a reasonable amount of responsiveness that serves the client well.

The Best Agent Is Trustworthy

Perhaps I’ve saved the best for last. All of the above isn’t worth a dime if the real estate agent isn’t reliable.

  • Can you count on him?
  • Can you trust that he’ll do what he says he’ll do?
  • Is he putting your goals ahead his own?

There are myriad of ways to cheat. No one is looking over the agent’s shoulder (at least, not consistently) to make sure they are behaving.

Do you want to be the best real estate agent? Be trustworthy.

The slow man with integrity will ultimately catch the swift one who has none.


So what do you think? Did I forget anything? Possibly.

But I believe that if you build your real estate career on these three, foundational pillars you will truly be successful and your clients will rave about you.

How do I know?

Because that what I do and this is what they’re saying about me.

Top 5 Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

Now that I’ve been in “the biz” for 7 years, I thought I’d try to organize my experience into best practices for real estate agents, in the hopes that… (in my best Meryl Streep voice) if I can help even one of you that it’ll all be worth it!

Happy real estate agents are the best real estate agents
As you’ll see in the real estate agents’ best practices listed below, staying positive is huge. Never forget to smile! Yeah, I know… I use this stock photo too much.


You know I’m not a woman, right? Ok. Let’s move on.

Before we jump right in, you understand that are “heavy hitters” who charge thousands of dollars for this very information, don’t you? You didn’t?!? Well, there are.

That’s just not how I roll. You’re welcome. ;^)

Top 5 Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

1. Have a Plan with Goals

Every real estate expert will tell you that if you don’t have a plan, you’re just moving aimlessly around and will certainly be less productive. And they’re right! This plan should be a 1-year plan, start in January and say this year I will…

Maybe it’s things like:

  • Break $3M in sales volume
  • Complete 15 transactions
  • Finish and launch my new marketing website
  • Reach 24 new clients before June 

Whatever you decide, they need to be measurable. You can’t just say, I want to do better than this year.

2. Consistently Use Systems

Getting into a routine with systems is huge!

Maybe you’re not an email person so your system is in a special notebook, which tracks how you stay in contact with your sphere of influence. Maybe you prefer an online system, there are a ton of them out there, that’ll help you manage all your client interactions.

Having no system won’t work. But it’s also important that you like the system you’re using. If you don’t, find or create a new one. This leads us to the next real estate best practice

3. Focus on What You Like Best

Life is too short to be miserable in your job. You have to enjoy it or you won’t be successful.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll love every aspect of your job.

Personally? I hate following up with clients who don’t communicate. I’m open and honest and I like dealing with people who are wired the same way.

Big surprise, not everyone is like me. Following up is huge and necessary and even though I don’t “love it” I’ve found a way to make it better. You need to do the same!

So, for each area of your business (marketing, management, networking, etc.) find a system that you enjoy and consistently run it!

4. Be Positive

This is a tough one for certain people. I should know, I am one. What I mean is, “I’m not naturally a positive person. It’s a struggle. But believe you me, being positive is not only necessary in real estate, it’s key!”

Important Note: Clients will mistreat you. They will blame you for things that aren’t your fault. They will say bad things about you and go off to find another agent. This will happen, 100% positively.

That’s why you need to develop a positive attitude that doesn’t allow you to get upset when this happens. (Having plenty of clients and keeping busy is one of the best remedies. *grin*)

5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Human League album cover
After all, we’re only human. Born to make mistakes.

After all, we’re only human. Born to make mistakes.

The real estate business is very complex. It’s essentially running your own small business where you’re the CEO, VP of Marketing, Accountant, Sales Manager, and Desk Clerk on any given occasion.

With so many different tasks, we are bound to screw up, forget something, or possibly do something worse.

Keep learning. Stay on top of the latest news, especially as it comes to real estate regulations and law changes.

But, if you forget to send out your monthly flyers, that’s OK. If you forgot to schedule that important showing? Tell your client, “I’m sorry” and move forward.

Hopefully, you’ve found these best practices for real estate agents helpful. If you have, please share it!

All You Can Do Is The Best You Can Do

One Hand with control
All you can do, is the best you can do.

There are many experts who like to “share” their “wisdom” about the “secrets” to success. This is especially true in real estate.

From Day One, during my training at Semonin, they brought in national speakers who flooded our minds with success tip after success tip.

It was exhausting.

Given that we were new, how could we possibly do *everything* they said we should do. Half of which wasn’t part of our personal makeup. (Then there’s the tip that says, only do the things you like. hehe)

I’m sure they meant well, in fact, I’m positive. But the truth is, each strategy works only certain amount. Nothing works every time.

Plus, when each new veteran agent shares their advice, the boat starts to dip below the waterline, as

  • the amount of tasks,
  • the amount of words we should be speaking,
  • the amount of marketing tactics we should be practicing

approaches mountain-sized stature.

Here’s my solitary piece of advice::

All you can do, is the best you can do.

That’s just another way of saying, “Do your best!”

Don’t worry about what you’re not doing. Don’t let anyone get you down because you decided to pass on the latest CRM solution that was “changing the way real estate agents work in today’s market.”

Don’t feel bad that you didn’t farm your home neighborhood. Don’t be upset that you decided it was more important to take that special vacation with your wife rather than attend another Realtor convention in Tampa.

Just do your best.

Once you’d done that, you’ve already won.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You and *Likes* You

Photo of Friends
Your friends are your biggest fans! They’re also the source of your best real estate referrals.

Being known isn’t enough. Not by a longshot!

How many people can you name who are famous but their notoriety is not helping them… it’s hurting them.

In the world of sales, and when I hear that word I cringe, the biggest goal is to build up a ginormous pool of people don’t just know you but like you! Even better? Make them love you!

How is this possible?

Well, it’s not easy. It’s a lot of hard work and it doesn’t happen overnight. You must be proactive and plan for the long term.

In real estate, my job is to simply to serve my clients by offering experienced real estate advice in a friendly, professional manner. Is that enough? Not bloody likely.

The most successful agents have boatloads of clients who think of them as friends, rather than merely specialized pros. Gaining that trust is step one, but building a bond of friendship is really the goal.

Free stuff always works too, right?

Where do you look to find Louisville homes for sale?

So, let’s come right out and ask. Where do you look to find Louisville homes for sale? Which website works best for you?

Screen capture of Google search results for the phrase Louisville homes for sale
What search results do you get when you type “Louisville homes for sale” on your computer?

It’s a constantly changing playing field. Merely improving a website’s usability isn’t going to cut it. Adding choice content? Sure, that helps.

But when it comes to getting the lion’s share of Louisville home buyers looking for their next new home, which website comes out on top?

So, for this informal, yet perfectly reasonable experiment, I’ve chosen to use the Alexa engine to see which Louisville real estate companies are garnering the most traffic.

(We are unable to learn how many website users move forward to actually work with those agents, but we shall have a bit of fun with it.)

Leading Louisville Real Estate Websites

The clear leaders for search terms in our field are “[location] real estate” and “[location] homes for sale“. We’ll tackle both.

With the changes to Google’s algorithm now using personalized results, I can only cite what my IP-linked computer will return. So let us begin.

Louisville Real Estate

As of 10/5/2012, here are the top websites on Google and their Alexa traffic for the search term, “Louisville real estate”. (Only the root domains are ranked. Subdomains are counted as part of the whole.)

  1. www.homesinlouisville.com – Global Rank 3,452,726
  2. www.joehaydenrealtor.com – Global Rank 331,473
  3. www.trepryor.com – Global Rank 1,809,971
  4. www.louisvillerealtors.com – Global Rank 1,395,552
  5. www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Louisville_KY – Global Rank 915
  6. www.trulia.com/KY/Louisville/ – Global Rank 691
  7. plus.google.com/…/posts/BCbhgNw7rCM (Tre Pryor)- Global Rank 2
  8. www.semonin.com – Global Rank 328,789
  9. www.allhomesinlouisville.com – Global Rank 2,704,350

Clearly, the personalized results have played a role in landing TrePryor.com in two of the Top 10 results. If we strictly looked at traffic, Semonin.com should be barely edging out Joe Hayden for the top spot with the others falling in line.

Now let’s look at Louisville homes for sale as a keyword search phrase.

Louisville Homes for Sale

Again, we’re just using Google and even though I think it would a usability advantage to be able to turn OFF personalized results, the brain trust in Mountain View doesn’t think it worthwhile.

  1. www.trulia.com/KY/Louisville/ – Global Rank 691
  2. www.joehaydenrealtor.com – Global Rank 331,473
  3. www.trepryor.com – Global Rank 1,809,971
  4. www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Louisville_KY – Global Rank 915
  5. www.realtor.com/homes-for-sale/louisville_ky/ – Global Rank 915
  6. www.trepryor.com/louisville/norton_commons/ – Global Rank 1,809,971
  7. www.zillow.com/louisville-ky/ – Global Rank 505
  8. ballhomes.com/ – Global Rank 4,112,051
  9. www.homes.com/Real_Estate/KY/City/LOUISVILLE/ – Global Rank 2,491
  10. plus.google.com/…/posts/fkMAftjiFDj (Tre Pryor) – Global Rank 2

These results aren’t too different. We’ve added Zillow and Ball Homes and lost GLAR and Brad Long.

Traffic is one thing. Time on site is another. But what really matters is for those home buyers who haven’t chosen a Realtor to work with, which website are they using to search for Louisville homes for sale and, perhaps more importantly, why?

I would love to hear what’s important to you!

There Aren’t Any Rental Homes in Louisville Kentucky

Of course, there aren’t any rental homes in Louisville, Kentucky but there aren’t many. I mean, there aren’t zero, but there certainly aren’t enough. And that might not change very much going forward.

This is a photo of a house that is NOT a Louisville rental home.
This could be a rental home in Louisville… but it’s not. The owners want to sell it, not rent it.

It’s a constant source of frustration for people relocating to Louisville. These folks don’t want to be forced to buy right away. And they aren’t keen on the idea of an apartment.

“Where are all the rental homes in Louisville?” he yells.
“I wish I knew,” I respond.

This happens all the time. I get as many as 3 inquiries this week!

Other than a massive influx of real estate investors buying up the bargains and opening up new rental inventory, there’s not a lot to be done.

Until that happens, here are the best Louisville apartment options. And here you can search through all the Louisville homes for sale.

We Can’t Live in an Apartment

If you have your heart set on a rental home, the few that come up are usually listed by their owners (don’t bother a Realtor, because unless they own the property themselves, they can’t help you) on sites like:

Sorry to be such a Debbie-downer but like Bill Murray so famously stated in Stripes “That’s a fact, Jack.”

We ‘Play It Safe’ When It Comes to Louisville New Construction

Today in Louisville (Jefferson County) there are 3,594 single family homes for sale on our MLS.

  • 63% of them have basements.
  • 49% of them have more than one story.

Let’s look at homes built in the last 10 years:

  • 69% of them have basements.
  • 67% of them have more than one story.

A few more basements but a lot more 2-story homes. What I’m really thinking about is how similar all the new home are. Other than comparing a Traditional Ranch to a Traditional 2-Story home they are all so homogeneous as to take the ability to choose almost completely out of the equation.

I do applaud what Norton Commons has done with their planned community. There’s nothing like it in our city. Sure, you pay top dollar (price per square foot is much higher) but I can make an argument for it.

But looking at this year’s Homearama homes, it’s really tough to separate one from another. Garages are tilted here and there; then I see some Tudor or Craftsman stylings to the facade but as far as floorplans go, they are just so similar. What do you think?

The other option is that I’ve just seen too many homes and they’re all blurring together. Either that or we’ve finally evolved to the top usability option in home design.


How long before Louisville news goes truly hyper local?

Now that we all know that it’s just a matter of time before the Courier Journal dies a long slow death, where will you be getting your local news from?

Hyper-Local Louisville - Summerfield by the Lake
If I have any say, hyper-local is coming to Louisville real estate.

The trend towards hyper-local content shall continue but only will start taking mind share if those that do so do it right. Groups like Kentucky Sports Radio pretty much own the keyword phrase “kentucky sports” and have several venues for content delivery.

Even with the giant brands like Urbanspoon and Yelp hitting on the Food niche, the local institutions like Louisville Hot Bytes, Edible Louisville and Consuming Louisville have far richer content and more of it.

The issues remain that owners of these brands want to do more than simply dominate their niche and thus dilute a pure brand into one that’s watered down. Positioning 101 states that the marketing battle takes place in the minds of the consumers who have something akin to ladders for specific products or services.

News is far too broad. “Sports news” is closer but Kentucky sports news is even better.

Sites like InsiderLouisville do a better than of communicating the late-breaking, local news items in Louisville faster than any of the competition and they are divided clearly by topic.

But what I’d like to see is the Primary Brand be something like, Louisville Food Reviews by Steve Coomes with InsiderLouisville being the sub-brand. I wonder if they’ll listen to a pitch?

My own entry into this discussion can be found at LouisvilleHomesBlog.com where I give news and analysis on Louisville real estate. Sure, there’s a taste of Louisville home improvement, Louisville mortgage rates, or Louisville interior design thrown in, but only as it relates to Louisville homes.

I’ll admit, it’s good but could be better.

Maybe that’s what I’ll work on while I’m supposed to be taking my yearly South Carolina vacation?

Louisville Tops Best Bang for Your Buck Vacations

Homearama at Norton Commons
Louisville is a great city with so much to offer. I never knew that it was the best vacation spot though. Gives me some ideas to think about.

Wow! I knew Louisville was a great city but #1?!? Now I’m blushing.

This just out from Livability.com; they reviewed 500 cities and awarded Louisville, KY is a Year-Round Staycation! Sure, if you have deep pockets you might select Honolulu but who has money these days?

Rich history, modern culture, free attractions and deep discounts make Louisville, Ky., a prime vacation destination for families.

Home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby, Louisville prides itself in all things equine. Take a historic walking tour of Churchill Downs with admission to the Kentucky Derby Museum. Kids under five are admitted free, and AAA members receive discounts. Join in the citywide Derby Week celebration at the Kentucky Derby Festival and Thunder of Louisville, the largest fireworks display in America.

If this doesn’t make you proud of your city, I don’t know what to tell you. Share the news!