Painting The Town Louisville Style

Need a little update for your home without spending too much? Try a new paint color! PPG Porter Paints just introduced the Louisville Color Collection, in honor of the company’s 90 year anniversary.

Louisville Color Collection by PPG Porter Paints
Kentucky Hot Brown (bottom left) is one of 75 hand-picked colors PPG Porter Paints chose to celebrate 90 years of business in Louisville, KY.

There are some great neutrals like Fort Knox Gold (6832-2), Lillies for the Fillies (6823-1), and Kentucky Hot Brown (6702-3). My favorite is Fleur-de-lis (6867-2), a crisp, light tan.

Earthy and relaxing, soothing blues and greens continue to be a big color influence. Try Kentucky Lake (7059-1), RiverWalk (7055-3), or Great Lawn (6995-2). Sour Mash (6928-2) is a cool, pale sage, and it’s just fun to say. Imagine telling your friends and neighbors that your walls are painted in “Sour Mash”!

If you want a little color without the commitment, the ever-popular accent wall may be your new best friend. For drama and style, go for a rich deep brown like “Whiskey Straight” (6678-4), or a vibrant red like Derby Hat (6059-5) or, of course, “Run for the Roses” (6048-5) would be great for every occasion.