Here’s Why You Should Replace Paint with Wallpaper

If you are planning to redecorate your house, get ready to face a big challenge. Hard work aside, you have to think about design, decorating style, colors, and other details. When it comes to walls, more and more people are understanding why you should replace paint with wallpaper.

Photo of some classic wallpaper
Classic wallpaper as you see here is making a big comeback.

If you are wondering whether such an investment is worth it, we will mention that there are at least five reasons for choosing wallpaper over paint. Besides, it is a great way to personalize your room and create the right atmosphere.

1. Durability

The first thing you have to think about when you want to apply wallpaper in your house is maintenance and durability. In this case, you have found something that lasts longer than paint and helps you save some money in the long term. You don’t have to worry about chipping the wallpaper if it happens to touch the furniture while moving it around the house.

Next to the long-lasting feature, top-notch wallpapers, like those from, are easy to maintain and clean. You can use simple household items (for example, a gentle sponge, some clean water, and a small quantity of mild detergent.

2. So Many Decorating Options

You cannot complain about the lack of variety when you are looking for the perfect wallpaper. We are talking about styles like grasscloths, metallic, beaded glass, and more. You can find them in cool, funky designs or more classic versions.

If you go for the metallic and beaded glass option, you will add an eye-catching shimmer to every room. Highly textured wallpapers give the house a sense of dimension and character.

3. Custom Wallpapers Are a Thing

If you think that the available models are not according to your preferences, you can choose a custom-made wallpaper. In this way, you will create a unique and original interior. Besides, your guests will love it and you’ll be considered an interior design guru.

4. Technology Keeps Getting Better and Better

If we haven’t convinced you yet, maybe you are one of those people who resents the idea of messy glue and paper applied on the walls. Trust us, nowadays the wallpaper is far more than that. Modern technology has created some amazing items which can be applied through the “Paste the wall” method. This means that you’ll apply the paste directly to the wall, making the process faster and easier than ever.

5. Wallpaper Makes an Impact

With all of today’s wallpaper options, you can truly make a huge impact on your home’s appearance. Regardless of what interior design trend you choose, a room with wallpaper can have more “pop” than simply using paint. Plus, it will reflect your personality and make you feel at home every time you step in it.