Pull Out The Piggy, Saving For Your New Home

Photo of a Piggy Bank
Saving for your Louisville dream home should be just like saving for any other big purchase. Start putting money aside each day. Be proactive!

Whenever the time comes to start saving for a holiday it’s time to pull out the piggy. Everybody pulls together to scrape up the hidden dimes and nickels from the deep dark depths of Chesterfield. Somebody finds a lone nickel and the cheers start. Is this madness? No this is complete sanity!

You see, our family vacation has not been missed yet. Every year it is a new adventure to find money that seemingly isn’t there for a luxury and put it together while still maintaining the integrity of paying the bills on time and keeping the food on the table. This is how we do it and this is why it works.

You see, the money is there; it just needs to be found. The single coins that are retrieved are merely a start. They set in motion a series of events that start with a decision and take off from there.

The momentum rises and a frenzy breaks out and all of a sudden the goal is reached. A decision made it happen and that’s really all it takes.

If you desperately want to own your own home in Louisville, take out your piggy bank. Set it somewhere visible and put a label on it that says “house”. Put all your loose change in it and then scramble for some more. There. The decision has been made and the action started.

It will take more time to save for this house than a vacation of course. The patience level will need to remain high and spirits can’t get broken along the way. This is it. It’s all or nothing. Once the decision is made and the piggy is on the table and rattling a few coins you are off to a good start. You have a goal.

Now the fun begins. You will have to find more money. It will have to come in either the form of cutting back on expenses or earning more money. Those are the two choices. Based on a firm goal, you can make anything happen as long as you have set forth a direction.

The piggy is a symbolic measure of the goal. It is real, however, and every time we have started with a piggy, we have achieved our goal. You can get your own Louisville home by taking the first step and defining that it will get done.

Planning then action. It will get done.