Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

Even though the purpose of a living room varies from home to home it’s often the socializing space. For some people, a living room is like an art gallery or showroom that is set apart for guests. For others, it’s the place where the family comes together. So what is the optimal way of arranging living room furniture?

Photo of a well designed living room - Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

No matter what, it’s really important that you think through how to arrange your living room furniture. You don’t have to copy the living room arrangement of a friend or relative. Just because that’s how they might like it, doesn’t mean it’s the only way. There are often several great options. Think about how it might reflect your own personal taste and style.

You need to have a clear understanding of the space in the room. The furniture needs to be the right size. But also, you’ll need decorative items—lamps, artwork, paintings, flower arrangements, or potted plants. Proper lighting is huge! Your living room should be a space where people feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease.

So, what are the important points to consider while setting up your living room space?

The Basics

Before setting up a living room you need to carefully consider a few things that are necessary.

A Focal Point

Every living room has some focal point be it a fireplace, a window, a balcony, or a glass door that gives a beautiful view outside. It might be the television but that’s not always wise. The focal area needs to be established, then you arrange the living room furniture with it in mind.

The Smooth Traffic Flow

There should be enough space around the furniture for people to move around from one area to the other. Make sure you have all the floor measurements and the space within the room before you buy any furniture. Crowding the room with oversized or extra pieces might hinder the flow of traffic. This makes it congested and not the comfortable we’re looking for.

Away From the Walls

Make sure that the back of the furniture does not touch the walls. There needs to be a bit of space. Sometimes you want the pieces closer together to create a space that’s more intimate.

Space for Conversation

There should be a closeness in the way the furniture is arranged to create an area that is suitable for engaging in conversations comfortably. People shouldn’t have to talk loudly or strain themselves to be heard properly. If you have a living room that is quite large in size it’s better to create two or even three different areas for conversations.

Living Room Furniture

Sofa Sets, Chairs, and Ottomans

Photo of a living room focused on the feature wall - Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

Size matters a great deal when it comes to selecting furniture for your living room. Sofa sets and chairs are usually the primary ingredients in most living rooms. It’s really important that they fit perfectly in the room. Before buying sofa sets or chairs, bring a rough drawing of the entire room along with the floor measurements and area to the store with you.

Having this information handy will help you might the right choices.  In an open area where the living, dining, and kitchen are within the same room, think about using an L-shaped sofa that acts as a divider that separates the living space from the dining/kitchen area.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Coffee tables often occupy the center positions within a conversation area. These tables should be slightly lower in height than the chairs and sofa sets. If space is a problem you can substitute a small ottoman for a larger table.

Side tables are also important in a living room arrangement depending on the number of seats. People should be able to have space to put their drinks while sitting. No one should have to stand to move closer to the coffee table, or worse the kitchen, to retrieve their beverage.

Area Rugs

Seating space can be further defined by using a beautiful rug. It’s important that the entire furniture can be connected to the rug, but not necessarily located entirely upon it. Avoid picking a rug that is too small for your seating area, err on the side of a larger, more generous rug.

Perfection doesn’t mean spending a fortune on your furniture and décor. Buy the right amount of furniture and decorative items, then arrange your living room in such a way that it makes your guests truly feel comfortable and at home. We hope you have found these tips for arranging living room furniture to be helpful.