Staging Ideas for Louisville Sellers

Sellers, need some great ideas to help improve your showings? Today we’ve got 50 of them! Courtesy of the Unique Real Estate blog comes 50 Tips To Get You Started on Your Home Staging Journey.

Photo of a well staged living room ready to list

Here are a few of my favorites.

#9 Buying or renting furniture is especially vital in an empty home. Empty homes do not show well and can sit on the market for months until a buyer with a good visual imagination comes along, or until the seller drops the price so low that the home is a steal.

Generally speaking, most buyers can’t picture a home as “finished” so consider using a staging firm to help enhance your empty home. Here in Louisville, LM Home Services has a good reputation. Ask them about their rates and then weigh that cost against the benefit of having a professionally staged house. Remember to think about the presentation of your home and how it compares to similar properties buyers are considering.

#18 If you do not have a plan for what to do with the stuff you no longer need, it will get put in the basement or the attic or the garage or simply stay in a pile in the room where it began. If this happens, then you really did not get rid of clutter, you just moved it to another location. When you are clearing the clutter for home staging purposes, you will have many different piles. Some things may go to a thrift store such as the Salvation Army, some things may go to the dump, some things may go into storage, and some things may be set aside for a garage or yard sale. Knowing what you are going to do with the extra clutter is essential to really de-cluttering your home.

Clutter is a huge problem. If you tackle this one, you’re halfway to a great showing!

#47. New window treatments can make a world of difference. They can add value and style to your home and be something the buyers view as a bonus–something they will not have to buy or replace when they move in. The caution, however, is that you keep the treatments neutral (keep your personality out of the room) and that you make sure they do not block the amount of light that comes into a room.

A time-honored company here in Louisville is Spindletop Draperies on Bardstown Road. Just remember to consider their advice to keep things clean and neutral. Everyone has different tastes so you don’t want to gamble on whether or not your tastes match up with any particular buyer.

Make sure to read the entire article. It’s filled with some great ideas that will help you sell your home here in Louisville.