Does a Storage Shed Add Value to Your Home?

Almost anything you do to improve your home will add value, but does a storage shed add value to your home? This piece will cover this topic so that you’ll have more info to help your decision. The short answer is, “Yes” but it does depend on some of these factors.

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Does a Storage Shed Add Value to Your Home?

While we are looking at the question, “Does a storage shed add value to your home?” we need to clarify a few things first. Although storage sheds are not likely to increase the value of your home, as such, some sheds will add value to your overall property. Some might actually decrease your property’s value but more on that in a minute.

1. Storage Sheds That Add Extra Living Space

Storage shed San Antonio can be worth more if it adds living space. Certain storage sheds are so nice they barely qualify to be called a “shed.” One of these could be a grandparent-in-law suite or rental apartment. The value of your home will depend on how the area is being appraised.

Traditional sheds are most often used for tools and your lawnmower. But a much nicer shed could be a man cave or recreational space. Adding extra living space would be the highest increase to y our property’s overall value.

2. Storage Sheds That Add More Storage

As the name implies, a typical storage shed is simply a place to store things. If your home is quite small, adding storage sheds increases the value of the property because people need storage options.

According to an independent company in Oregon, it is difficult to determine the shed’s contribution value. The same shed will add more value to smaller homes (less than 1,500 sq. feet), but less value to larger homes that come with their own internal storage spaces.

3. Storage Sheds That Work as a Small Garage

A well-maintained storage shed is a great option for those who don’t have a garage or very small garages. Of course, if it’s too small many automobiles can’t fit inside. Just planning for the shed’s purpose beforehand is always smart.

4. A Custom-built Shed That Matches Your Home

Another key factor is how well the shed matches your house. The more it does, the more it will add value. If your home has blue trim and is white, look for a way to incorporate that color scheme in your shed. You can also match your shed to the landscaping of your backyard. If you have an old-English garden style, choose a charming storage shed that matches this theme.

Storage Sheds That Remove Value

To be fair, we need to look at all sides of the issue.

1. Storage Sheds That Are Not Well-maintained

Your home’s value will be reduced by anything that’s broken or an eyesore. If your storage shed is rotting, falling apart, or rusting that’ll take value away. Potential buyers will find it less appealing. They’ll see it as a liability, which they will need to spend the time and money to remove.

2. Poor Quality Storage Sheds

An inferior storage shed will not only add any value to your home but may actually decrease it. People will be able to tell the difference. As a shed is basically a small house, it’s open to the elements. A poor-quality shed will suffer more damage from the weather and will most certainly not last as long.

3. Storage Sheds Without Proper Permits

Your shed or backyard office could be considered a liability if it was built without the proper permit. If your shed was not built according to guidelines, the municipality could request it be removed.

4. Storage Sheds That Are Not on a Foundation

A storage shed that isn’t on a foundation will be less valuable than one that is. However, you can take it with you when you move. A well-designed, permanent storage shed will certainly increase the value of your property.

Storage Sheds Can Increase the Marketability of Your Home

Another thing to consider is the type of buyers looking at your property. Will they benefit from a storage shed? Do most other properties like yours already have sheds? Depending on those answers, having storage sheds increase the value of your property by increasing its marketability. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on selling your Louisville home in the near future.

Average Cost of Storage Sheds

A national home advisor site states that the average national cost of building storage sheds is $3,048, with a range between $1,678 and $4,646. You can get a simple shed for as low as $450 and a custom-designed, top-of-the-line shed for up to $7,000 if you’re willing to spend more. To ensure you’re getting the best storage shed for your needs, click here to visit Horizon Storage Sheds, where you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality sheds at competitive prices.

Your shed’s cost will depend on what material it is made from. Metal sheds are typically between $300-$2,000. Vinyl sheds average between $800- $5,000. Wood sheds average between $600-$3,000. Of course, prices will also vary depending on your location.

We hope our post has answered the question, “Does a storage shed add value to your home?” Now you have some things to think about. Come back for more great articles about real estate, home improvement, and interior design.

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