Street Art Used by Brands for Advertising

The 21st century is the era of street art. Graffiti murals are all over the walls, neighborhoods, and cities. Numerous street artists use their skills to paint over boring walls. Graffiti mostly describes the social problems of the community in a beautiful way. It’s no surprise that whenever possible, people love their outdoor spaces.

Photo of artists creating murals on a building
Street murals are now being commissioned by brands to beautify neighborhoods.

Graffiti was first introduced in a satirical genre by rebel street artists, and it was adopted by other artists for other purposes. Some cities have learned the benefit of street art. So did the famous brands that are now focusing on street art for their new advertising campaigns.

This list includes several graffiti murals that serve the advertising purpose. They appeal to our eyes and tastes and create a sensational view of the streets.


Adidas provides customers with streetwear and obviously has a deep connection with street culture. They use street art for advertising almost every campaign. The decision of Adidas’s marketing team was logical. Adidas’s footwear is closely related to urban and hip-hop culture.

It’s not just an artwork by unknown artists that adore Adidas. Adidas, the brand, loves graffiti and uses commercial graffiti to promote its products.


Nike followed the example of Adidas and made its way of advertising in the streets. They both have a similar audience, so this technique works for them both, even if Nike is seen as the copycat. Not every marketing strategy can be practical and beautiful at the same moment. But graffiti murals do their magic to appeal to our eyes, minds, and the company brand name.

A lot of people adapted Nike and Adidas mural ideas into their own houses. So maybe street art doesn’t have to live outside the home. Many have painted sporty murals in their kids’ rooms. The trend continues.


AXE is famous for its fun and creative commercials. Creativity and originality are important to maintain a good brand name. AXE’s marketing team realizes this, and they created a fascinating commercial graffiti.

This piece of art includes a dictator that no longer thinks about war and demolition but lovingly looks over his wife. They called the mural “Make Love Not War” and addressed it to the magic of AXE.


Coca-Cola, Mcdonalds, bp, and many others are grateful to TATS cru for creating great pieces of art for commercial reasons. Once the graffiti advertising boom became a trend, Coca-cola decided to act on it. The streets are full of beautiful ads from this brand.


Durex didn’t think much about it and simply found a solution to use pavement for advertising. They used a combination of creativity, puns, and street art to promote their product.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

This list includes green movement companies like Milwaukee Riverkeeper. They decorate the streets of cities with beautiful and meaningful graffiti that’s practical and appealing. They deliver the message in just the right way.

These brands already know their way into street art. It is getting so popular that people are trying to adopt them in their houses. Maybe not for advertising purposes, but you can also create something lovely for your room. Search for relatable mural designs for your room and hang an original design on your walls.