Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep It Sparkling This Summer

We’ve just said goodbye to winter and welcomed spring, which means that summer is arriving soon. Those who have their own swimming pools know how exciting it is to refresh yourself during hot temperatures. Keep reading to learn about some great swimming pool maintenance tips to help you make the most of your Summer!

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If you have children, or you’re too busy with work, then you probably already know how difficult it may be to juggle everything. On one hand, you have to entertain your children, plus you have to take care of anything else, including your pool.

If you’ve enhanced your home’s outdoor space with a pool, during summertime, that’s where everyone will want to be. Therefore, you have to make sure your swimming pool looks impeccable. So how are you going to achieve it? Follow these steps and you’ll do just fine!

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Neat and Lovely

1. Utilize The Skimmer

Have you asked yourself, when was the last time you dealt with the skimmer basket? When we say “dealt” we mean clean it. You shouldn’t allow debris to build up in it. It would be like enabling your HVAC filters inside your house to produce too much gunk.

What is going to happen to your swimming pool if you don’t keep the skimmer clean? Namely, the debris is going to block water flow, and then it is going to strain the pump which is going to decrease the filtration effectiveness. 

All of this is going to shorten the life of your swimming pool pump. Hence, you should employ a long-handled leaf skimmer as often as possible because it is going to help you take some of the pressure off the swimming pool skimmer.

2. Service The Heater

Generally speaking, pool heaters normally require the least maintenance of all pool elements. Namely, these heaters can work totally fine even if you do not service them for quite some time, and electric heaters can last even longer.

At times, calcium scales pile up inside the tubes of your heater and limit flow, which prevents water from heating normally. If this occurs, you should consult a professional. Many swimming pool wizards tend to employ the “We’ll Take It From Here” term because they know how things can get complicated if you don’t hire an expert. In this situation, your heater should potentially be disassembled and its tubes must be cleaned out with either an acid or wire brush. 

3. Keep The Chemistry

Chemical levels are certainly one of the most crucial parts when it comes to pool maintenance. Water that isn’t properly balanced usually looks murky and can cause eye and skin irritation and may cause bacteria to pile up.

Photo of a backyard lawn and swimming pool
Photo by Palo Cech

Therefore, you should check the pool’s chemistry at least two times a week, especially during the summer. By doing this regularly, you will be able to create fine tweaks and keep it balanced before it becomes green overnight.

Also, these chemicals must be stored out of sunlight, preferably in a dry and cool environment. Make sure not to store any acids and chlorine in the same space. 

If you haven’t heard, there’s even pool management software for pool companies who want to increase performance. This can help them gain more clients and better serve existing ones.

Having your own swimming pool definitely has its advantages, however, it also comes with a couple of responsibilities. That’s why we’ve listed a couple of tips you have to implement to prepare yourself for hot, summer days.

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