Thinking About Making Furniture from Pallets?

As a basic wooden frame to transport and load goods through ships, forklifts, and trucks, you can transform simple pallets into lots of things. Here’s a wood pallet bar you can buy on Etsy. From armoires to coffee tables or even picture frames, there’s a lot you could easily make. By reusing and turning old pallets into furniture, you can keep them out of the waste stream.

DIYers love to make something new out of something old… in this case pallets!

The best part is that pallets are almost always free. However, before you begin collecting them and making furniture from pallets, you might need to know that some can be dangerous. Here are a few important points to know.


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Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas That Increase Your Home’s Value

People watch lots of reality TV shows. And to be fair, they show some great ways for people to increase their home’s value. They make it look really easy. In reality, it’s not that simple. So it’s also smart to read articles like this one to find remodeling ideas that increase your home’s value without being impossible to pull off. 

Photo of a couple moving into a new home with floorplan
People photo created by yanalya

There are many factors that can affect your home value, which might not be shown on any tv show. For example, market prices often fluctuate unpredictably. Today’s surprising surge may be tomorrow’s predictable loser. 


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3 Great Home Improvement Projects Under $5,000

Selecting which home improvement projects have the best return on investment is not an easy task. There is always that risk of overspending which will definitely make things harder.

Photo of a very nicely done bathroom remodel
Bathrooms, along with kitchens, historically give some of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project.

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