DIY Home Improvement Projects That Increase Your Home’s Value

Apart from the fact that home improvement projects that increase your home’s value, they also say a lot about the house’s owner. Are they neat freaks or comfortable with a bit of mess? What kind of style do they prefer? As you are think about what home improvement projects you might undertake remember that your visitors will see you in your home.

Photo of a home with lovely landscaping
Landscaping is always a great choice for projects that have a huge return for the amount of work you put in.

Both the external and internal features of your home should be improved in order to successfully increase the value. Some people focus on the exterior features and neglect to some extent the inside. But the smart person considers them. Here are some great areas to target with your DIY (do it yourself) home improvement projects. 

1. Landscaping

Often the exterior of a home doesn’t get as much attention when it comes to DIY projects. But that shouldn’t be the case! The entrance to your home can make a huge impact on your guests and potential buyers.

Flowers and mulch can drive additional foot traffic to your house if you have an upcoming open house. You want to do everything in your power to attract buyers when preparing to sell your home. Although it has been a seller’s market in many parts of the country, you will still want to do everything possible if you’re looking for top dollar. 

2. Exterior Maintenance

It may not matter much the material of your home’s exterior, but it does matter a great deal there are damaged areas. Exterior maintenance should be a top priority for any homeowner, even if they’re not selling their house.

Repairing driveway cracks, or even wood rot around windows is a job that many homeowners are capable of. Painting can be a simple project. Cleaning and re-staining your deck is also something that pays off. Go online and watch some of the great DIY content available for free. Maybe you can recruit friends and family members to help. 

3. Update Windows

Photo of some windows with plants on a ledge
While older windows can be charming, newer windows are far more energy-efficient.

Windows often go untouched for years. If you have outdated windows, this could be a great DIY project to replace them.

Is there a style of window or particular window frame that you’ve always dreamed of having in your home? Or do you simply want thicker glass on your windows to keep the air conditioning in during the hot summer months? If it’s just a window or two on the first level you might want to tackle the job. Replacing all the windows in your home will likely mean calling in the experts. Just remember, new windows not only improve curb appeal and increase your home’s value, but they also save you money every single month. 

4. Replace the Front Door

Revamping the entry of your house can be accomplished with a brand new door. Advanced DIYers can definitely do this project. Replacing something old with something new is where you get the biggest gains in value.

Make sure to measure twice in order to purchase the right door that fits the existing frame space. There have never been more options when it comes to selecting a new front door for your home. 

5. Update the Kitchen

Now we’re talking! The most frequently used room in any home is the kitchen. That means more wear and tear compared to other rooms in the house. So, updating the kitchen will always be one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

Here are a few kitchen DIY projects to consider: 

  • Paint the kitchen walls
  • Change the lighting fixtures
  • Add a backsplash
  • Clean and paint the cabinets
  • Add real hardwood floors
  • Buy new appliances

There you have it! Whether you are selling your home or not, these are five areas containing many DIY projects that will increase your home’s value. Most not only add value but will also enhance your enjoyment of the place you call home.