Moving Without a Job? Here’s What You Can Do

Many times a move is predicated by a relocation for work. But what if you purchased a new home in a different area and are moving without a job lined up? This is a realistic situation when your spouse is moving for their career, yet it leaves you out of work. 

Photo of a couple moving into a new home with floorplan
Whether you’re building your dream home or buying an existing one, moving without a job in place can be a challenging time. | Photo credit: yanalya

The unemployment rate in Louisville is currently 5.6%, which suggests it could be difficult to immediately land a new job in the city – particularly if you specialize in a specific sector. Fortunately, there are various alternative paths you can take. 

If you’re moving without a job, here are possible career opportunities you can immediately jump into on a short or long-term basis. 


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