5 Key Benefits of Real Estate Videos

With the advent of several social media platforms and video streaming websites online, many home buyers and real estate investors have started looking for properties on the internet. They use videos and other forms of content to get the information they need and make a sound buying decision. Are you an agent thinking about including real estate videos for your listings?

Photo of a woman recording her home with a tablet computer
Real estate videos have never been easier to create and share.

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Realtors! 5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

It’s quite difficult to come up with original real estate marketing ideas. Especially when your full-time job requires you to meet with clients, stay on top of the market, and do 100 other tasks. And we didn’t even talk about your competition. We have to admit, real estate is a tough business. But don’t worry! In this article, you’ll learn how to stay ahead of your competition.

Photo of a professional Realtor
When people in your market think about different agents, what they’re really doing is comparing those agents’ brands. | Photo by mentatdgt

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