New Generation Prefers Renting Over Buying a Home

Out with the old, in with the new. It is undeniable that each generation has affected the shape of the market differently in its era. Thus, with the Millennials overtaking the market, and with the unfolding of the new generation leaf, Generation Z, marketers have lots of things to consider. So, why are many renting over buying a home?

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Businesses should know how to approach their consumers. With this said, it is crucial to understand how the new generation thinks when it comes to buying necessities and how they perceive expenses. 

As you delve deeper into this article, you will find out why the newer generations, both Millennials and Generation Z, are often finding an apartment over buying a home.


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Renting vs Buying in Louisville Kentucky

This is certainly a topic I’ve written on in the past. I’ve covered Trulia’s data on Rent vs Buy. Also, JLL’s stats. Before the last election, most experts agreed that promoting home ownership was a priority. Heck, I even talked about how there just aren’t very many houses for rent in Louisville. One thing is certain, trying to decide between renting vs buying can be a challenging decision!

Apartments in Louisville come in all shapes and sizes, old or new. But their rental rates are definitely rising quickly.

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