Trending: Large Scale Lighting Is Big

Just like all things in home décor, lighting goes through various phases. One of the biggest – literally! – trends in lighting today is large scale lighting fixtures, both for indoor and outdoor uses. These statement pieces are designed to marry form with function. Not only do they cast a beautiful light in a large space, but they also provide a stunning and truly statement-making addition to any room’s décor.

Large scale lighting model ACERO URCHIN from Yellow Goat Design
It’s true, large-scale lighting is a hot trend in interior design. Do you have a large space that begs for a premium piece?

If you have a large room in your home or an open-concept floor plan, it can be a challenge to anchor the room and make it feel centered. A large lighting fixture can be just the thing you need. They create a beautiful focal point for the room, no matter what your style.

Styles Available

Large-scale lighting fixtures, like their smaller counterparts, come in a huge array of colors, designs, shapes, and styles to suit any room décor.

Whether your taste runs to the more industrial, urban loft style, a country farmhouse style, or something more upscale and elegant, there is a large lighting fixture that will fit beautifully into your design scheme in any room.

Locations for Large Scale Lighting

Suitable for any room in the home, or even outdoors, large-scale lighting pieces are best suited for rooms that match them in scale. For example, if you have a small, galley-style kitchen, a large overhead lighting fixture will likely look out of place and overwhelming. A large foyer with soaring ceilings, by contrast, needs a large light fixture to match its grandeur.

To get a picture of this in your mind, think of an elegant old hotel. Their lobbies are typically expansive and grand, punctuated with large-scale furniture and large lights, right? To get a similarly coordinated look in your home, consider buying a large lighting fixture to fill up your spaces.

Three of the best places to use large lights are:

  1. in an entryway,
  2. over a kitchen island, and
  3. over a dining room table.

Each of these places calls for good lighting and are the perfect places to make a true design statement.

Exterior Works As Well

If your home has a large façade, too, you should consider choosing larger lighting fixtures to punctuate your home’s exterior, too. Smaller lights will look awkward and out of scale with the rest of the house.

This can be the year to go big!

The next time you renovate a room in your home or want to give your home’s exterior a bit of a lift, changing the lighting is an easy step to make a large impact. Instead of replacing your existing lighting with a new one that is similar in size, why not give your room a truly spectacular impact with a large-scale lighting fixture?

Whether it’s a sleek and modern fixture or a sparkly and ornate chandelier, there is a large lighting fixture out there to suit everyone’s taste.