Tips on Choosing a Reliable Electricity Supplier

Electricity has become one of the essentials that most people cannot live without. Especially now that we are slowly but progressively switching from the traditional pen-and-paper to electronic means. With the fundamental changes in the energy industry, you must know the ins and outs when choosing a provider. Read on for tips on picking a reliable electricity supplier for your home.

Credit: Pixabay

For states that have a deregulated electricity market, residents have the freedom to choose where they can get their electricity. This is a notable advantage compared to some areas where specific utility companies (legally) monopolize the market. The only greater challenge for these energy consumers is picking the right electric supplier.

As new companies enter the market, you get more choices but are they reliable? Read further for advice on choosing a reliable electricity supplier for your commercial or residential needs.

Tip #1. Check what energy supplier is available in your location.

Identifying what energy supplier is available in your location is the easy first step. This is the case because some energy suppliers have location restrictions and they are only limited to places where they can provide their services. Once you determine the energy suppliers in your area, you can then move forward.

Tip #2. Compare the energy supply rates.

One common reason why people want to switch to an energy provider is because of the unreasonable price hike in their monthly electricity bill. Rate increases are inevitable. But that doesn’t make them reasonable!

You can compare energy suppliers available in your area and find out which among them have the cheapest rates. It’s simply the smart thing to do.

Tip #3: Identify the services they could provide.

Aside from the price, people also look at the range and quality of services the companies can provide. As an energy consumer, it is your right to find the best option on the free market. That’s part of what makes capitalism great.

See if the company that provides the best energy rates also has the services you desire. We’re not just talking electricity here but also natural gas, even solar or renewable. Nowadays, many homeowners choose to switch to more eco-friendly options to reduce their carbon footprint.

It may come down to finding the company that provides all the services you need, even if the rates are slightly higher yet. There’s a benefit of having fewer companies to pay each month.

Tip #4: Understand the types of rates.

There are different forms of rates, just like how there are different types of suppliers. These rate types will determine how and how much you are going to pay for the month. Take some time to understand and review these energy plans:


Also known as stable-rate, this type of plan lets you pay a fixed price throughout the life of your plan. Most consumers choose this type because they can better plan for their monthly budget, and since the rates stay constant, they only have to pay attention to their usage.


When you select a variable-rate plan, your monthly bill will vary from month to month, depending on how the energy market will change. With this, you always have to look out for price changes in the market because your bill will depend on it. If the prices increase, your electric bill also increases, and vice versa.


This one can be quite complicated because though the rate changes (like a variable) there are times when it behaves like a fixed rate. Indexed-rate plans are tied to another variable, for example, the NYMEX price for natural gas. Most of the suppliers follow a certain mathematical formula to determine the price you are to pay.

Tip #5: Read customer reviews.

Don’t skip customer reviews. You’ll never know what you might learn by reading these online reviews. It’s both simple and smart.

Most reviews are by consumers who’ve had either a very positive or very negative experience with their energy provider and energy rates. Look for positive reviews, especially as it pertains to reliability.


As you now know, finding a reliable electricity supplier will make like better going forward. There’s the opportunity to save money and gain peace of mind when energy isn’t something you have to worry about. Happy hunting!