Top 10 Wealthiest Zip Codes in Louisville – #5 Goshen, KY 40026

Each Friday we’ll be counting down the wealthiest ZIP codes in Louisville, Kentucky. Today we’re posting the 5th wealthiest ZIP, 40026, a 30 square mile area in Oldham County, about 10 miles to the northeast of Louisville.

Photo of a home in Goshen, KY 40026
Goshen has a few great, high-end neighborhoods like the one above but it’s mostly wide expanses of grass and trees. Did I mention horse farms?

Average Household Income: $107,711
Average/Median Home Value: $277,365/$217,167
Number of Homes over $1M: 24

Bordering the Ohio River on the north and covering both sides of Highway 42, this part of Louisville has wide-open spaces, as well as, a few landmark neighborhoods. Some of the established neighborhoods are Goshen Hills, Harmony Lake, Paramont Estates, Lakeview Estates, Ridgeview Place and Taylor Creek. There’s also a good amount of Oldham County new construction taking place in neighborhoods like Longwood and Poplar Woods.

Or, you may browse all current homes for sale in 40026.

Next up is the 4th wealthiest ZIP in Louisville which contains one of the largest and most popular neighborhoods in the city. Any ideas?