Top 8 Trends When Updating My Louisville Kitchen

Does this sentence describe you?

“I’m updating my Louisville kitchen and I want to know the latest trends.”

Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Open Concept photo

I show my clients a lot of Louisville houses. But it’s fun! I love it. In fact, I wouldn’t have become a Realtor if I didn’t love houses.

With a background in architecture and then later as a graphic designer, I have a strong grasp on what it takes to have both a functional space, as well as, a room that pleases the homeowner and wows their guests.

Updating My Louisville Kitchen

Whether you’re designing a custom home that you’re going to have built or buying an existing Louisville home that you’ll be updating, here are 8 great tips that will assure an amazing final product.

Naturally, some of these are of greater importance than others. Costs vary as well. But if you want a home that appeals to today’s Louisville home buyers, which most likely includes yourself, follow these steps to success.

1. Open Kitchen to Family Room

Open concept is all the rage. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a client say, “You know, this kitchen is too open. I’d prefer a room that’s closed off by itself.” Of course not!

Today’s family wants everyone to be together—people in the kitchen interacting with those in the family room. There’s a reason 99% of all new construction homes here in Louisville are building open-concept kitchen spaces and following this design trend.

2. Stylish Cabinets and Plenty of Them

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Stylish Cabinets photo

Today’s home needs more storage than homes in the past. That goes double for the kitchen.

Work as many cabinets as you can into the kitchen space while trying to balance windows and open spaces. The style of the cabinets is largely based on one’s taste. Louisvillians generally prefer traditionally styled cabinets while more modern options are just now gaining some ground.

Don’t forget! Kitchen soffits are played out. Run those cabinets higher! If you can fit the 42″ cabinets in, I say “Go for it!”

3. Functional Layout

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Functional Layout photo

Functionality never goes out of style. Make sure when updating your Louisville kitchen to include plenty of counter space, ideally left and right of the cooking surface.

When planning your kitchen triangle (the sink, the range, and the refrigerator) don’t let any point be too far from the rest; equilateral means perfection!

4. Countertops that Make a Statement

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Counters photo

Kitchen countertops are another personal choice but not all choices are equally valid. Make sure the counters complement the cabinets and even the floors.

You can’t go wrong with Carrera marble (see above), most granite patterns, or some of today’s popular solid surface types. Corian came first but we now have a plethora of choices from close to a dozen manufacturers. Our choices are almost endless!

5. High-End Appliances

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: High End Appliances photo

The expectation is that high-end appliances perform better and last longer. By and large, this is true. But one side benefit is that they also impress!

Homes with high-end appliances let prospective buyers know this is a special kitchen. From extra-large refrigerators equipped with Ukf8001 filters to stylish double-duty ovens, these stainless steel beauties really stand out.

6. Today’s Colors Please!

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Colors photo

Just as with the fashion industry, interior design trends ebb and flow. Today’s colors don’t push the envelope.

Start with a subtle base from the family of brown, gray, or blue then accent with complimentary choices. Using the same style of cabinets in two friendly colors adds a bit of “wow” to your kitchen space.

Silver still leads gold for metallic finishes but oiled bronze fixtures work great in certain situations.

7. The Largest Pantry You Can Manage

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Pantry photo

As with #2 above, today’s homes need lots of storage! Anyone who shops at Costco or Sam’s Club understands that we need places to put our foodstuffs.

Generally speaking, using kitchen cabinets for food products isn’t going to cut it. A small pantry is a big help. A big pantry is a giant help… and a giant pantry is heaven!

8. Don’t Forget the Floors

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Floors photo

Do not forget to include the floors as part of your overall design when updating your Louisville kitchen. It may be cost-prohibitive to put down new floors but if there’s an opportunity to upgrade worn-out floors with new tile or hardwood, the upgrade may be worthwhile.

Laminate flooring is not typically desired for today’s Louisville kitchen. Neither is brick or other “old school” tile. Parquet? Forget about it.

Stick with high-quality, hardwood flooring that compliments the design aesthetic of your space. Your cabinets, countertops, and flooring should look like they belong together. Then finish up with a backsplash and paint.


So now you have the answers to the question, “What choices are most important when updating My Louisville kitchen?” There will be challenges but if you need professional advice, feel free to give me a call.

I can also recommend local interior designers if you prefer. Whatever the route, in the end, you’ll have that updated Louisville kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.