Get Inspired by Top Modern House Design 2019

Before you build your dream home there are some things you should do. While there are so many different designs, it’s easy to get confused. If you would search for “top modern house design” there will be a large number of results. Modern houses are often more technologically advanced but at the same time, they are very beautiful and desirable. We’ve highlighted some great options so read on! You can also visit Modern House design 2019 to see even more.

Photo of a modern house design with bold geometric shapes
This house belongs to the cubism style of architecture. Just consider it a bonus 8th style for this article.

So let’s check out some of these awesome modern houses!

1. Prairie School

Photo of a modern house design called Woody Creek
Photo by Joe McGuire Design

Frank Lloyd Wright and others of this period began a modern architectural style founded on simplistic, clean lines. This style is referred to as Prairie School. This particular home has an exterior clad in wood with lots of glass and metal trim. Its design fits its surroundings. Can you imagine how much light comes inside? This single-story floorplan should appeal to a large number of people but it’s still quite large. The outdoor space is accessible from several different portions of this incredible modern house. Stunning!

2. Spanish Flair

Photo of a modern house design call La Jolla

This beautiful modern house is situated in La Jolla, California. The architecture has an obvious Spanish inspiration. There’s a great deal of natural stone and concrete set off with touches of wood, metal, and, of course, glass. What would a modern home be without glass? It also was designed to fit nicely within its surroundings to keep as many green plants and trees as possible. It’s almost like your own personal resort!

3. Glass House

Photo of a modern house design callled Glasshouse

There are many houses around the world that contain glass windows. But have you seen one with this many?! Probably, not. They can be designed in all shapes and sizes. But when your home has so many windows, its setting becomes critically important. Can you afford a lot on the ocean? Maybe a scenic setting that backs up to some private woods? Just remember, with this many windows, there will be a reduction in privacy. So remember, you can also install curtains or blinds to help in this area. Most often, metal framing will be required to secure the large, heavy panels of glass. A modern house with this design is not cheap, but it’s certainly eye-catching.

4. Tree House

Photo of a modern house design called the Treehouse

Look at this one! Interesting, right? Many of us enjoyed creating our own treehouse when we were kids. Now as an adult, you can choose this modern design for your own home! Almost nothing is impossible now as we have some amazing architects who have designed homes like the one you see here. Big or small, the whole point of a treehouse designed as a modern house is to feel like you’re up in the branches of a tree. A house like this is not for everyone, but its owner probably adores it.

5. Modern Hut

Photo of a modern house design of a hut

Not typically thought of as “modern” there is a certain simplicity to the hut-designed house. Around the world, they are far more popular than here in the U.S. due to their lower cost to build. But if you live in a warm climate, maybe a hut-inspired home will get you the tropical vacation feel you’re looking for. It’s kind of like a tiny house for the jungle!

6. Rooftop Garden

Photo of a modern house design with a rooftop garden

Not so much an entire design category, but there’s a specific modern appeal of having your roof composed of a living garden. The modern house design above certainly pulls it off quite well. If the area doesn’t have adequate rainfall, you’ll need to plan for an irrigation system. But for the plant lover, could there be anything finer than living in the very center of all this garden space? I highly doubt it.

7. Eco-Friendly Modern

Photo of a modern house design 2019

Today’s top modern house design is centered around being eco-friendly. Today’s top modern house design is centered around being eco-friendly. An eco-friendly house that is built using environmentally friendly materials and reduces energy consumption and waste. It can be anything from energy-efficient light bulbs to installing large windows to let more natural light in. noted some of the features include greater insulation levels and fresh and clean air quality. Areas that have high humidity levels will need a dehumidifier to keep the house clean and free from mites and allergens.  Machine Wonders list some of the top performers, and there is one for every need.

And not just what’s good for the planet, but also what’s good for the homeowner. This means fitting more usable space into a small footprint. Designing spaces that serve double duty—multi-purpose rooms are huge! Today’s architects are utilizing materials that last longer with less maintenance needed. Putting all of this into a package that today’s home buyers can afford is the trick. But there are some great options out there if this appeals to you.

Today’s top modern house design centers on giving you the most advanced utility and visual appeal. Not without an increase in cost, mind you. But if you can afford it, don’t you want to “go big when you go home”? Hope you enjoyed it!

I’m asked, “Do I need a Realtor when I’m building a house?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Buyers should always have an expert Realtor guiding them through the process to make sure they get everything they are looking for. And that you aren’t ripped off by a dishonest builder. Actually, selecting the right builder is crucial. This is especially true since a top modern house design is a rare practice.

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