Weatherize Your Louisville Home

Caulking a window
Caulking a window is a simple way to weatherize your Louisville home.

Today, our Louisville weather brings us a crisp 20 degrees on our thermometers. That’s chilly! Homeowners should (if they haven’t already) give some thought to the heat that could be escaping their homes. Saving 15% on that new sweater for Aunt Sharon is great but if you’re paying an extra 15% on your LG&E bill because of heat escaping through cracks in your house, it’s all for naught.

It seems many look to our government for guidance far too often as some are actually calling for a “cash for caulkers” program. From today’s Wall St. Journal:

Such unsexy-sounding home improvements can be some of the most lucrative in terms of energy savings and make a home far more comfortable. The federal Energy Star program estimates homeowners can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs just by sealing and insulating, or “weatherizing” against the elements.

I find this one part tragic and one part common sense. Couldn’t we just hire a Louisville handyman or do the work ourselves?