Why Moving to Louisville Kentucky Could Be a Great Choice

Having an ideal home is something you dream about as a kid. Whether it is a bungalow by the sea or a large house in the middle of the country, everyone has their own perspective. What’s your dream home? There’s a chance you might find it by moving to Louisville Kentucky. 

Photo of a Louisville dream home
Could a house like this be your Louisville dream home? | Photo: Tre Pryor

Not Just Windows

Everyone wants a home with a view. It might be a nice view from the window over your kitchen sink. Maybe it’s a giant picture window in your living room. This is where the glass comes in! Glass brings the outdoors in.

It’s not just for windows either. Many of today’s dream homes have large, maybe even giant sliding or folding door systems. They are similar to the patio doors that you would find in many homes. They are designed to make the most of the natural beauty around them and are a big trend today.

If you have a tremendous outdoor space what better way to show it off than with huge sections of glass? Everyone loves natural light so the more you bring in the better. 

Sliding Glass Walls 

Glass can be used to create unique and custom designs for today’s modern family. People looking to innovate will be excited about what’s available to homeowners today.

Photo of a living room with sliding glass doors

Just think about how large windows or doors could highlight some of Louisville’s tremendous beauty. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing home in Louisville or are moving to Louisville Kentucky in order to build your dream home from the ground up, you should try and take advantage of glass. Companies like Cover Glass Texas offer high-quality sliding glass walls. They’re really special!

Moving to Louisville Kentucky

With the average price of a house in Louisville sitting at approximately $266,785, it’s a very affordable location with a lot to offer. There’s so much history around the city! And the outdoor amenities are second to none. There are so many parks in Louisville. A great one is Cherokee Park located in the heart of The Highlands. The new Waterfront Botanical Gardens is tremendous. Really, there’s just too much to mention here. Head over to the Louisville Parks website to check out everything in the city.

From scenic nature trails to rowdy soccer matches and even best-in-class basketball, there’s something for everyone. Mortgage interest rates are still incredibly low. Combined with Louisville’s low cost of living, it makes this city a wonderful option for people looking to find a place with a small-town feel but still has the big city amenities.

Did we mention the Kentucky Derby? No? Well, we’ll save that for another time.